9 ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with Your Cat
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9 Purrfect Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Cat

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

9 Purrfect Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Cat- by Layla Morgan Wilde and Odin the one-eyed cat.

Regular readers know that My Cat is My Valentine and this year I’ve created oodles of freebies like Free Valentines Purrfect For Cat Lovers and Valentine poems for your cat but honestly, you don’t have to spend any money except for #9. The best gift you can give your cat is your time and care.

Valentine’s Day can be every day when you love your cat and your cat loves you. Here are 9 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your cat, but I know you can think of more. Cats inspire me every day. How about you?

  1. Give extra treats and special toys

Why not give a variety of toys and save money too? I like this combo.

I must have tried and tested dozens of treats over the years and my #1 choice is Churu. I’ve never known a cat who can resist. We usually have one of these in the pantry.

Who doesn’t love a good deal too?

2. Set up a cozy cat lounge for movie and cuddling time

cozy blankies valentine's day with your cat

Cats love to be cozy. I always keep a selection of pillows, blankies and throws on the sofa. Odin loves extra soft or furry ones to make biscuits.

3. Cook or buy a special meal for your cat. How about making my classic recipe of homemade cat treats

4. Take a lovely photo or have a mini photoshoot session. Post to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or get prints made.

Try something new like turning a color photo into black and white.

black and white cat portrait

Take an extra step and turn that nice portrait into a work of art with an AI digital creation platform. Odin by Van Gogh is from Night Cafe Studio

van gogh AI cat art portrait

5. Spend quality time grooming and pampering your cat

Not all cats like being brushed or groomed but I think it has to do with the right brush. Start slow, avoiding bony areas and your cat will be purring in no time.
6. Create a scavenger hunt with treats and toys as the reward. Cats were born to scavenge and hunt.Cats: Hardwired to Hunt in 6 Steps


7. Give your cat a new cozy bed to snuggle in. Odin has many beds and likes to rotate them. Place them in different location and heights.

From window sills to dresser tops, tucked away on a shelf or in a cozy corner, the more the merrier. Many years ago I designed a fluffy bed that I called Feline Cloud Nine. Darn, I should have trademarked it but I’m happy there are all kinds of varieties on the market now like this one.

8. Decorate your home with cat-themed decorations. There are so many available from elegant to low brow cheesy.

Your cat may judge you but I won’t. Have fun! Check out my cat decor pillows on sale at Meow Magic










9. A happy, healthy cat is everything. Please keep Valentine’s Day safe. Keep cats away from flowers like lilies, tulips and baby’s breath which are toxic. Ditto wine and chocolate. If your cat hasn’t seen a vet in over a year, they are over due. Consider giving the gift of a wellness vet visit.

Happy Valentine’s Day from our home to yours,

Layla & Odin

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