Twisted Caturday

It begins innocently enough. A warm, sunny day in a lush, green garden. All our boys lounging on the porch happy as clams except for one. Oh no, that Odin can’t leave well enough alone. If there is any chance of adventure or trouble-making, he’s your man. Odin could smell the rustling of birds in their nests in the eaves of the covered porch. He wanted them. Badly. But the birds smartly made their nests   too high for Odin to reach. It didn’t stop him from trying. And trying. I could see the twisted machinations of his cat brain logically problem solve the dilemma. Lazy is this week’s theme for Saturday Photo Hunt which most of our boys are, but we’re also including an old theme “Twisted” and this pic the the bill.

caturday-saturday photo hunt- Twisted


Odin would sit and study the object of his desire from every angle. He’d twist his neck like a contortionist, jump up and down railings, table tops and skirt the blinds, all to no avail.


Back and forth, back and forth, finally he shot me a dejected look, “Why mommy, why can’t I get the birds?”


Meanwhile, Merlin dozed in the sun oblivious to Odin’s shenanigans.













And Gris Gris and Domino barely raised a whisker.

















Oh well, all is not lost, there’s a party at Sammy’s House. Let’s dance!

What are you doing for fun this weekend?


15 thoughts on “Twisted Caturday”

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  2. Odin, you and Two Two must be cousins, since she never gives up on anything either. And she is always looking for trouble to get herself into.
    Love the boys taking it easy. Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. What a fun Caturday you guys seem to be having! We would luv to be out in the sun but we have had very little sun for a week! This rainy spell sooooooooo makes our fur frizz. We also wanted to tell you how much we luv the newsletter! Maybe next week will bring some sunny days our way. Luvs Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang >^..^<

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