Tortoiseshell Cat Appreciation Day-National Haiku day
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Tortoiseshell Cat Appreciation Day and National Haiku Poetry Day

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Tortoiseshell Cat Appreciation Day and National Haiku Poetry Day by Layla Morgan Wilde. Published exclusively at Cat Wisdom

I’ve doubled the pleasure today for Tortoiseshell Cat Appreciation Day and National Haiku Poetry Day celebrated on April 17 with fun Tortie facts and feline Haiku. Scrollto the end for SALE news!

Tortoiseshell Cat Appreciation Day

Full confession: I have never been owned by a tortie but was responsible for my spicy Scorpio mom adopting an especially spicy tortie named Missu. She adored her but torties are not my cup of chai. I have no doubt they are continuing their close friendship in heaven.


national cat day-tortie cat-cat mom

It’s all about that tortitude.“Tortitude” is a term used to describe the unique personality traits often exhibited by tortoiseshell cats. Hello, can we say feisty, independent, and strong-willed, bitchy and loud?

There are legions of tortie fans and isn’t that what we love about cat lovers? There is a cat lid for every person pot at the kitty love buffet.

Tortoiseshell Cat Appreciation Day -National Haiku Day

Cat lovers of all ages are drawn to tortitude because it makes these cats stand out from other breeds. Their strong personalities and independent streaks make them fascinating and entertaining companions. Owning a tortoiseshell cat or should I say, being owned by one requires patience, understanding, and a willingness to let the cat have its way at times. However, the bond that can be formed between a tortoiseshell cat and its owner is often very strong and rewarding, making the effort worth it in the end.

Tortitude is a love it or leave it trait but I will say, they can be stunning and always unique. Okay, and inspiring some poetry starting with a limerick.


There once was a tortie so bold,

Her fur a mix of orange, black and gold.

She’d rule the roost, oh so cheetah,

Like the Queen of Sheba,

This spicy little tortie was a joy to behold!


Tortoiseshell Cat Appreciation Day

To honor Tortoiseshell Cat Appreciation Day, I’ve compiled some fun facts and quotes from cat lovers about torties.

  1. Tortoiseshell cats are not a specific breed but rather a color pattern in the coat that can occur in several breeds, including domestic shorthairs, longhairs, and Siamese. Their mottled coat pattern in endless variations of black, orange and cream is caused by a genetic mutation the orange and black genes that affects the distribution of pigment in their fur. This mutation occurs more frequently in female cats than male cats. In fact, most torties are female. Male torties do exist, but they are rare and are typically sterile due to genetic abnormalities.
  2. Torties are known for their fiery personalities and are often described as sassy, stubborn, and independent. They are also believed to be very loyal to their owners. “I have a tortoiseshell cat, and she is a true diva. She rules the house and makes it clear that she’s in charge. But she’s also incredibly affectionate and loving. I wouldn’t trade her for the world.” – Sarah, a cat owner.
  3. Torties are often referred to as “tortitude” due to their feisty personalities. They are known for being fiercely independent and doing things on their own terms.
  4. “My tortoiseshell cat is my best friend. She’s always by my side, and her purrs are like music to my ears. I love how unique her coloring is and how it matches her sassy personality, always up for playtime.” – Emily, a cat owner. Torties are typically high-energy cats and enjoy playing, exploring, and climbing. They are not typically lap cats, as they prefer to be up and moving around.
  5. Health: Torties are generally healthy cats, but they may be prone to certain health issues such as urinary tract problems and digestive issues.
  6. Torties are believed to bring good luck in many cultures. In Japan, they are known as “mi-ke,” which translates to “three fur,” and are considered to be lucky cats.
  7. “Tortoiseshell cats are like snowflakes – no two are alike. I love how their coats are a mix of black, orange, and cream, and how each cat has their own unique pattern and personality.” – Mike, tortie lover.
  8. Torties are known for being talkative and vocal and known for their intelligence and can be trained to perform tricks or respond to commands. They often meow and chirp to communicate with their owners and express their feelings. “My tortoiseshell cat is my smart little guardian angel. She’s always watching over me and making sure I’m okay. I don’t know what I would do without her.” – Lauren, happily owned by a tortie.


Dilute tortie

A dilute tortie is a cat with a coat pattern that features diluted versions of the classic tortoiseshell pattern. The diluted colors are typically gray and cream, rather than the classic black and orange.

Here are some examples of dilute torties:

  1. Blue Cream Tortoiseshell: This cat has a blue-gray and cream colored coat with diluted black and orange patches.
  2. Lilac Tortoiseshell: This cat has a pale gray and cream colored coat with diluted black and orange patches.
  3. Silver Tortoiseshell: This cat has a silvery gray and cream colored coat with diluted black and orange patches.
  4. Cream Tortoiseshell: This cat has a cream-colored coat with diluted black and orange patches.

Note: Dilute tortoiseshell cats can also be called blue-cream torties, gray torties, or lavender torties, depending on the exact colors of their coat.

That kind of love deserves another poem, no? After all, April is National Poetry Month (30 ways to celebrate).

Ode to Torties

In the world of cats, there is none more divine,

Than the beloved tortie with coat so fine,

Her fur, a mix of orange, black, and gold,

Shimmers and sparkles in the sunlight bold.

Her spirit is free, untamed and wild,

Like a playful kitten, yet with grace so mild,

She rules the house with her tortitude,

With eyes so fierce, and a will so shrewd.

Her purrs are like music, her meows like song,

In her company, you can never go wrong,

For she is a companion, a friend so true,

With a heart so pure, and a love so new.

In the stillness of night, she curls up close,

And whispers sweet nothings, like a rose,

Her presence, a balm, for the soul so sore,

For a healer, a teacher, a guide to adore.

Oh, beloved tortie, with spirit so bright,

In your presence, everything feels just right,

May your fiery soul, forever burn,

And your love, forever be our sweetest return.


Maybe it’s just me but when I was writing about the Scorpio cat, I immediately thought of a tortie. In this case, a former neighbor’s cat who gave me a quintessential tortie stare and vibe.
scorpio-cats-tortoiseshell tortie cat

Famous tortoiseshell cats

There have been many famous tortoiseshell cats throughout history, both in real life and in popular culture. Here are some of the most well-known:

  1. Marzipan – a tortoiseshell cat that lived with author J.K. Rowling and inspired her to write the character of Crookshanks in the Harry Potter series.
  2. Minnie the Miracle Cat – a tortie that survived being trapped in a car engine for 300 miles and became a viral sensation.
  3. Pumpkin – a beloved tortie that lived with former president Bill Clinton and his family during their time in the White House.
  4. Lil Bub – a tortoiseshell cat that became an internet sensation due to her unique appearance and quirky personality.
  5. Princess Prin – a tortie that gained a massive following on social media due to her playful and mischievous antics.
  6. Lucky – a tortie that lived with the famous artist Frida Kahlo and appeared in many of her paintings.
  7. Isis – a tortoiseshell cat that lived with comedian and actress Ellen DeGeneres and was often featured on her talk show.
  8. Scarlett- a stray cat who saved her kittens from a fire in Brooklyn in 1996. She became a local hero and received national attention.
  9. Tama – A cat in Japan who became a stationmaster at a train station and helped increase tourism to the area.
  10. Minnie – The cat who starred in the children’s book series “Minnie the Minx”.
  11. Calico – The cat who was the inspiration for the character of Pudge in the movie “Homeward Bound”.
  12. Pudge – The cat from the Disney movie “The Aristocats”. While Pudge is portrayed as a male in the movie, in real life the cat who played Pudge was actually a tortoiseshell female named Orangey.
  13. Bailey – The cat who was the inspiration for the character of Thackery Binx in the movie “Hocus Pocus”.
  14. Venus – a cat whose face is half black and half orange, made her a viral sensation on social media.
Tortoiseshell cat appreciation day-national haiku day
Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry that traditionally consists of three lines.
The first and third lines contain five syllables, while the second line contains seven syllables. Haiku poems are often focused on nature, and they aim to capture a moment or feeling in a concise and evocative way.

Soft whiskers and paws,

Love and joy in every meow,

Cat lovers’ delight.


Cute, right? Or this.


Furry companions,

Bring light to every moment,

Cat lovers forever.


Haiku poems have become popular with cat lovers for a few reasons. First, cats are often associated with nature, and many Haiku poems are focused on the natural world. Second, the brevity of Haiku poems makes them a perfect form for capturing the essence of a cat’s personality or behavior in a few short lines. Finally, Haiku poems are often whimsical and playful, much like cats themselves, which makes them an ideal form for expressing the joy and humor that cats bring to our lives.

Haiku can be written for any and every kind of cat or circumstance. It’s a really easy form to play with and I encourage you to try your own.

Since we’re shining the light on torties, here’s a few about tortoiseshell cat love.


Tortoiseshell fur,

Soft purrs and gentle meows,

Zen love fills the soul.


Feline grace and strength,

Tortie’s spirit shining bright,

Love flows like a stream.


Soft fur, gentle purr,

Tortie’s love warms the heart,

Feline joy abounds.


Tortie’s spirit soars,

Love and beauty intertwined,

Feline friend divine.


Smart and sassy queen,

A Tortie’s charm is supreme

A force to behold.


I’m partial to black cats so…

Moonlight on black fur,

Eyes shining bright like two stars,

Black cat’s mystic charm.


Odin will be miffed if I don’t include a tabby or two.


Striped coat of tabby,

Graceful feline, playful joy,

Beauty in motion.


Fiery orange cat,

Purrfectly bright companion,

Love that never fades.


Of course, I had to include one for Odin, the champion of my heart.

Odin the one-eyed,

Majestic feline warrior,

Champion of our hearts.


Blind cats hold a special place in my heart.

In darkness she roams,

Blind but with heart full of love,

Guided by her soul.


And of course KITTENS!


Playful balls of fur,

Chasing dreams and chasing tails,

Kittens rule the world.


Our love affair with cats and kittens begins with adoption.


Shelter cat awaits,

A loving home to call their own,

Home and heart made whole.


In the circle of life, there are beginnings and there are endings.


Sunshine through the pain,

Kitten paw prints on the soul,

Healing comes with time.


With enough time, maybe the heart is willing to adopt again.


A new soul to love,

Never replacing, just new,

Heart expands with joy.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with torties or tortitude. Ditto, about Haiku.

And a quick reminder the private sale on EVERYTHING at my Meow Magic Shop ends on April 17. Discount code: Friendandfans25.


  • Yvonne @ Socrates Book Reviews

    I adopted my first and only Tortie two years ago. Her name is Cookie and she’s a sweetheart. She’s become attached to my hubby and loves jumping on his lap while he’s at the computer. She also loves chasing my other two cats.

  • Emilia Evans

    I don’t jive with torties. My most difficult client cats – torties. Always. The people that call up looking for help with a “mean” cat they can’t groom – always torties. The one cat I had that I could just never really bond with? Tortie (technically patch tabby and white, but basically tortie and she was proud of it.)

    There are breeds I wouldn’t choose to live with, but even in my favorite breed I passed on a tortie (not just the color, I’m looking for a male)

  • Cindy Hall

    My husband and I love cats. We have quite a few, and my favorites are the tortoiseshells we have had over the years. They are loving to us and kind to our other cats. We have three right now, and they all have tortitude! We also foster cats from our local Humane Association. It’s hard to say goodbye when the moms and kittens are ready to go to a new home, and it’s the hardest to say goodbye to the torties.

    • Layla Wilde

      Cindy, that’s wonderful to hear. A trio of torties must be fun. And yes, loss is hard which is why I included a haiku on pet loss💜

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