Who Will Be Top Cat?

Last year, Lil Bub won the honor of Top Cat in the AmazeCats Whisker Wars Competition. The most popular cats on the Internet competed and this year, our Odin is a contender. He’s not as famous as some of the cats; you could say he’s an underdog, okay undercat and would be grateful for your vote. A vote for him is

Odin-cat-amazecats- top catFor more about AmazeCats visit their Facebook Page

Voting begins today. Vote for Odin or the others here

We always have lots of winners here. The 5 winners of least week’s Vet Guru Herbal Pet Supplements giveaway are: Ms. Phoebe, Marg, Cynthia Southern, Sparkle, Maxwell, Farraday & Allie. Congratulations, look for an email by Layla and CatWisdom101.com

19 thoughts on “Who Will Be Top Cat?”

  1. Oh my handsome Odin is going to be in yet another contest! We’re rooting for you all the way!
    Concats to all the winners in the contest! Happy Friday to all…luvs Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

  2. You’re in the running too, Odin? Cool! There are a bunch of us blogging kitties – and I saw from the videos that you are not the only “special” kitty! I’m just hoping to get into the bracket!

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