Even Cats Get the Blues


It’s a moody Monday with Merlin and some things never change like the way I sound. Don’t mind me if I show my back to you. I’m having one of those days but I hope your week is sunny! The first (mercifully brief) video is from my vet visit last week and the older, longer one shows my insistent (okay, bossy) ways. What’s your cat saying to you today?

Don’t mind me if I show my back to you. I’m having one of those days but I hope your week is sunny! What’s your cat saying to you today?

21 thoughts on “Even Cats Get the Blues”

  1. Our most talkative cat is Carl, and I think he just likes the sound of his voice. Although sometimes he is looking for attention or food, it seems like he enjoys singing too.

  2. Merlin looks great and I think it is great that he is discussing things with you. Doesn’t look like he is being moody, just talkative. Some of the cats here talk to me all the time. They just want attention.

  3. Merlin,old folks always have the right to “speak” their mind no matter what the “language” my be! Luv the “tude” dude! Luv you bunches Skeeter and Izzy
    BTW we did not have any trouble posting yesterday but we did not get this alert in our email.

  4. merlin…dood…give em hell buddy, grate mewvies by de way N we R glad yur mom finished filmin sew her could due az ewe ree quested…N make de bed…hope ya got sum ham samiches frum her as well !!

  5. I thought that cats did not like to show their back. They couldn’t, then, see if the animal or person their back was to was out to harm them. So, if your cat jumps into your lap, for instance, and, as I say to my girl, gives you the south end of a north-bound cat, that meant they were comfortable and trusted you.
    Of course, I’ve come home from dinner with my best friend to them sitting with their backs turned to me, so I guess it’s context.

  6. To turn one’s back is every cat’s divine right! Today, Mimi is saying to me, “You need to come up to your studio!” Everyone else is saying, “It time for a nap after breakfast.” Nothing to change the course of the world on a blue Monday. Glad Merlin’s still giving you a piece of his mind!

  7. The cat I grew up with is very moody. Purring and nuzzling up one second then snapping at my petting fingers the next! Our cats now are never moody, thankfully, unless the piggy tries to eat the big guy’s food 🙂

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  8. The cat before the cat before me was black, but his build and THAT voice were proof that his mother was a purebred Siamese! Merlin’s talking made my human smile – he really is hanging in there!

  9. He looks great. Even his eyes are clear looking. Richard, Joshua,Jeremiah and myself all agree that Merlin is saying he wants his Momma to pet him.
    The twins mentioned above are very good at cat speak since they’re cats and say it a lot to me. COL

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