Caturday Cat Causes, Contests and The One

We may love many but then there is “The One”. The one special cat that makes your heart melt, a soulmate cat destined to share our life.


mecha-cat-animalkind shelter

The best catvocates for cat adoption are other cats.  Our one-eyed boy Odin thinks one-eyed Mecha would make someone very happy. Mecha is a sweet Calico girl about 4 years old searching for a new home. She’s at the AnimalKind Shelter in Hudson NY. (about 2 hours north of NYC).

Odin is an catvocate for special needs cats and campaigning for votes in The AmazeCats contest for Top Cat. Voting is open until Friday March 29th at noon EST. The 32 cats with the most votes will be awarded a place in the NEXT TOP CAT bracket and the tournament will begin! Vote with one click HERE today.AmazeCats-Odin-cats- Top Cat-Whisker Wars

Construction is underway to rebuild the AnimalKind Shelter destroyed by fire last year. Their fundraising campaign Gimme Shelter needs the last bit to finish construction. Click to photos of the reconstruction. Every bit helps. You can donate any amount HERE

Overseeing construction is Ivory, a gorgeous Snowshoe cat available for adoption. Doesn’t she look like a perfect soulmate for Domino?

 Animalkind donate 25domino-cat-feral-snowshoe Domino in his former feral days

To round out Caturday, Merlin and Gris Gris are hard at work.

cats-waiting for spring-napping-meditating

The latest video from Grumpy Cat is sponsored by Whiskas. Ah, the price of celebrity. It’s funny but we’d love to see Grumpy as a catvocate for cat adoption. Imagine how many more cats would be adopted!

13 thoughts on “Caturday Cat Causes, Contests and The One”

  1. I am not on Pinterest yet but if I was, I would sure Pin the Merlin-Gris Gris Project. So adorable. Odin is a wonderful catvocate, and I agree, Grumpy Cat could do a lot to help in that area.

  2. I thought the snowshoe cat with the hard hat was Domino! And if Mecha is anything like Odin she won’t last long! Every so often the Four ask when they’ll get a new brother or sister and Mimi and I tell them we have to wait, but we have to work even harder for all the kitties out there who don’t have beds to unmake and humans to supervise. Odin gets a vote from us!

  3. Mecha sure is beautiful. We hope she finds her forever home soon, where she is the One!

    We voted for Odin. And we appreciate Merlin and Gris Gris’ efforts to will spring into being. We really do! 🙂

  4. We voted for you 🙂 I am sure sweet little Mecha will find a loving home 🙂

    We need some serious focussing over here as there are blizzards over the UK!! Nearly Easter .. mol

  5. That Mecha really is too cute. We sure voted for you. Hope you get in the top ones. That is a lot of cats to be up against. Thanks for having that drawing that we won. Good stuff. Take care.

  6. Mecha looks like a beautiful little princess and I hope she will find a furever home soon. We love that Odin is speaking out for special needs kitties and hope he makes it to the top bracket!

    Loved the video!!!

    Purrs from the Zee/Zoey gang!

  7. Darling little ones. Mom’s heart is always so open to these special needs babies. She wishes there were ways as well as contributions that she could help.

  8. Whenever I get a bump in popularity, I always try to use it for good. I think it is just right. Good luck in the competition for the bracket!

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