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Mystical Cat Tarot Giveaway

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Every so often I connect with a like-minded cat lover that makes my 80-hour work week worthwhile. It was a thrill to connect with Mickie Mueller, the illustrator of the Mystical Cat Tarot deck on Etsy and a bigger thrill to open a package she sent me. It contained the Mystical Cats Tarot kit with 78 tarot cards, book, bookmark and silky satin tarot bag with a design I’d selected. I was so happy, I didn’t charge my usual review/giveaway fee and I’m delighted to offer our Cat Wisdom 101 readers a special giveaway.

One lucky reader will win a Mystical Cats Tarot kit including a 78-card deck and 216-page book written by Lunea Weatherstone and illustrated by Mickie Mueller plus a gorgeous satin tarot bag.

mystical cat tarot giveaway

Not sure about tarot? Christian views regarding the tarot as an occult tool are changing and there are even Christian-based tarot deck designs.

Every tarot card reading offer a glimpse into the person’s subconscious mind. Tarot may have reputation of being a fortune-telling game or prognosticator of the future but it’s more about gaining insights and self-knowledge in the present. No one knows for certain how or when tarot cards first came into use but a likely time frame is over a thousand years ago in the Middle East with the Kabbalah, the mystical branch of Judaism at its root.

Over time a deck of cards totalling 78, emerged in a synthesis of art, symbolism, folk culture and gaming. The oldest tarot cards of record date from 15th C. in Italy. Today there are thousands of tarot deck designs from every part of the globe. Tarot has evolved from secret religious practices, entertaining diversion or fun parlor game to coming full circle as a relevant and insightful tool. I’ve collected decks and studied the tarot since my late teens. For me, it’s a passion and an every day self-help tool to help to understand synchroncity, of how everything and everyone is inter-connected.

There are several tarot decks with a cat theme but the Mystical Cats deck published by Llewellyn Books isthe most charming and intricate in its design and symbology that I've seen. Only a true cat lover could have created this deck of wonder. Each of the 78 cards is created from a watercolor painting using water infused with catnip and other herbs. Even a complete beginner will be able to use the cards by reading the meaning of each card in the book.
cat tarot-001

With the holidays fast approaching, I can’t imagine a more fun but meaningful stocking stuffer than cat tarot cards. Merlin, has been my tarot muse for almost 20 years. You could call him a feline tarot master. Merlin bestows Mystical Cats Tarot a 4 Paws Rating. He thinks not only will readers learn to tap into ancient wisdom for themselves but gain insights about cats. He demonstrates two methods of shuffling the cards. And yes, those were the cards that popped up for him.

merlin, feline tarot master

To see all of the cat art, tarot bag, bookmarks and other cat art designs from Mickie’s studio, visit Mystical Cats Tarot To learn more about tarot, visit the lovely website of the author Lunaea Weatherstone

To enter the Mystical Cats Tarot Kit Giveaway, simply leave a comment before 11:59 pm ET. Nov.30, 2014. For extra chances to win, social media share this post and leave a separate comment where you shared. Good luck!

Disclaimer: We received a tarot kit and bag but were not otherwise compensated. The views are always 100% or own.


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