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Grumpy Cat Movie, #TheFriskies Cat Video Awards, Shelter Kittens & Gris Gris Memorial

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You know you’ve hit the big time when the Hollywood Reporter announces your film. I was doing some bedtime reading the other night when my eyes widened. Grumpy Cat sitting in a sleigh? Yup, move over Grinch, there’s another grump slated to bring on Christmas cheer. I’m curious to know who they’ll cast as her voice. If Grumpy Cat could talk what would she sound like? Deep and nasally like Demi Moore or more high pitched whiney like Cyndi Lauper? I’ve met and held the most famous cat in the world several times and she didn’t say a word. Not a peep, well maybe ca-ching ca-ching.

Grumpy Cat Christmas

Who will be Next Internet Cat Superstar? Friskies Spokescat Grumpy Cat and Internet Celebrities The Fine Bros. Kick Off the 3rd Annual “The Friskies”; the Renowned Awards for Best Internet Cat Videos of the Year. If you have a talented cat, hurry and submit a video now through July 21, 2014, to “The Friskies” at for the opportunity to win a cash prize up to $25,000. Cat video creators can upload videos up to one minute in length at, or on Instagram and Vine, in one of four categories – Funny, Res-cute, Epic and Strange. Our fave captain, Will Braden (Henri Le Chat Noir is helming #Strange. Oh, I wish I could enter!


Grumpy Cat with Tabatha Bundesen and the YouTube celebrity captains (Bret Hartman/AP Images for Friskies)

The category captains will help review all entries and narrow them down to 12 finalists, three in each of the four categories. The finalists will be announced on August 11, 2014. Fans will then be able to vote (limit one vote per entry per person per day) for their favorite video online at from August 11 to September 8, 2014. During the voting phase, consumers can help raise money and food for shelter organizations. Every vote equals one can of Friskies wet cat food donated to 10 select shelter partners, up to 250,000 cans. Additionally, with direction from category captains Friskies will donate over $20,000 to partnering shelters.

It’s kitten season and every shelter in the country is full to the brim. In the past week I noticed a huge jump in kitten intake at New Rochelle Humane Society the shelter I volunteer at. The cats are usually quiet but I was serenaded this week by the desperate mews of motherless kittens. Some are adorable and healthy while others have infections, fleas, parasites and other conditions. The sad truth is many will never be adopted. This little one has better odds. He managed to escape out of his cage and once back in, made it clear he wanted out! If only all kittens could sing RESCUE ME at full blast.

kitten season

He made a beeline for me and I have to admit he totally has the same energy as our Odin. Fortunately, I’m usually immune to the charms of kittens and prefer the old ones or quirky ones no one wants. But never say never. I’ve been considering fostering a pair of cats but it hasn’t felt right yet. If you’ve been thinking about volunteering or fostering for your local shelter or rescue group, the greatest need is right now.

kitten season-rescue me

Remembering Gris Gris

It was exactly six months ago that our dear, old boy Gris Gris died. An older rescue cat, we only had him for three years but what immense joy he gave us. He wasn’t destined to be a lap cat or snuggle bunny but showed his love in subtle ways. A headbutt. Sleeping at the foot of the bed. A rare sotto voce purr. He never gave a moment’s worry and always behaved like a true gentleman cat. Compassionate and caring, he acted as a see-eye cat for Merlin, a good friend of Domino and reluctant wrestling partner for Odin. The adage: still waters run deep fit him to a T.

We’ll never know the exact root cause of his death but a seizure took him quickly. We buried him in the dead of winter and it feels good to see the lush green in the garden he loved so dearly. I placed his favorite bench opposite his ivy covered burial mound and sometimes sit there and remember his wise, little gray face.

My grieving journey was remarkably gentle and yet life altering. I think of him every day but rarely with sadness anymore until now. Over the past week I’ve been thinking of him more. Who knows why. Maybe it’s because of the six month mark. Maybe a cat at the shelter reminds me of him. Maybe I miss seeing him enjoying the garden. The heart knows little of the logical whys.

For now I’m happy to remember a cat who left his pawprints on my heart along his soft purr. The grief of loss is a thief that steals into our hearts when we least expect it. Just when you think the sadness is over a hidden tear comes out of nowhere and a fresh wave erupts. And so it goes. Living and dying and living in one big turn of the cosmic wheel.

A Gris Gris photobomb made everything bettercats-quote-accidental-happiness-gris gris The collage is shows Gris Gris enjoying his first summer with us, his first taste of a real home after being a basement mouser for ten years and in a shelter for over one year. The pink lilies are blooming again. I held my breathe waiting to see if the deer would eat them again like last year. There are small mercies and infinite gifts. Like cats.

gris gris collage


  • Kitties Blue

    What a wonderfully heart-felt post. All the photos of GrisGris are so special. It is quite evident what a special place he held and still holds in your heart.

    A grumpy cat movie sounds really fun.I just saw her in a commercial that I think wasn’t even pet related.

    You might like the new poem in my sidebar.

    Hugs, Janet

  • Melissa

    I think anniversaries always hit us the hardest. It will be a year next week for Tara and even though not a day goes by that I don’t think of her, I find myself tearing up at the smallest things lately. It seems like an eternity since she was here, but I remember everything as vividly as though it were yesterday.

  • Angel AbbyGrace

    The thing about photography is it captures a moment in time for infinity. so precious are the dear memories especially when those that are precious to us we hold so near to our hearts. I can understand your grief journey with Gris Gris. Mine with Gracie has been like that. Abby, now that is a completely different story. My heart still breaks and aches for her, I know it always will, and one day I hope to see the lessening of the muted sadness.

  • Skeeter and Izzy

    we love the memorial to our dear friend Gris Gris. It is beautiful as was he. We know the journies of grief only too well.
    My Skeeter has not been home since Saturday 6/21. We are searching every day and praying for his safe return. Our hearts are heavy but we will not give up. We have to find him.
    We ask that everyone send up purrs and prayers for his safety and return home. Thank to all.
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig and Peanut and Romeo >^..^<

  • Sometimes, Cats Herd You

    What a beautiful memorial to Gris Gris. We hadn’t realized he was only with you three years. Like Twinkletoe Tails, we haven’t been following your blog(s) long enough to have known of your household before him. What a wonderful photo with the photobomb in it. Happy accident indeed!

  • Anonymous

    Me too wonder what the Grumpy Cat will sound like in the movie and who will be her voice 🙂
    What a beautiful collage of photos in rememberance of Gris Gris today <3
    (((purrs))) (((purrs)))

  • Oui Oui

    We had no idea you only had Gris Gris 3 years. We’ve been blogging for almost 3 and have always known you to have him. He was a special and beautiful cat! We hope you find some fosters, the little cutie who picked you seems like such a nice cat too! The Girl & I went to the shelter to help grandma find a dog and Oui Oui was crying her lungs out but no one was paying her any attention. So I asked to hold her and was showing her around but again no one was interested. She was so happy being held and so well behaved, I huffed that I would take her. Usually I try to adopt older kitties too. It might be heresy, but I hope the next internet sensation cat is more interesting than Grumpy Cat. A cat that just looks grumpy is boring to me and I hope the next one comes along quickly. ** Yawn **

  • Fuzzy Tales

    Purrs from the boys as you remember the 6-month anniversary of Gris Gris’s passing.

    For me, it took about 18 months to oh, make peace I suppose, with both Chumley’s and Annie’s deaths. But even now grief occasionally will catch me off guard, when something triggers it.

    I think it’s better to be a non-human. No dwelling on the past, and no “forethought of grief.” :-/

  • Sammy

    Six months can feel like a moment ago or forever ago but however it feels, Gris Gris touched you and continues to even though he’s gone. He was a beautiful boy and obviously left his mark…..Love the photos!

    Hugs, Pam

  • Sparkle

    Purrs to you as you remember Gris Gris. Incidentally, my human took in Boodie as a foster after the cat before me died, mainly so Binga would not get used to being an only cat (you know how torties are). The only reason she wound up with her, really, was because the rescue sort of dumped her on my human. It wasn’t by choice, although she is glad Boodie is here now.

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