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Katris review

All cats need environmental enrichment to be happy and healthy. They need spaces to play, scratch, stretch, hide, perch, nap and climb. Katris a new multi-purpose modular system of precision crafted cardboard does all that and more. The nice folks from Katris, sent us 6 eco-friendly units in five shapes to test. I like that they use no ink, non-toxic glue and the paper is 90% post consumers recycled content. Katris is creative cat enrichment you can build on, one unit at a time.

Everything looked well crafted and even the cardboard shipping boxes were top quality. Cats have a natural affinity for cardboard and boxes and I couldn’t wait to assemble our kitty decor. Endless possibilities of how the units could be stacked or utilized danced in my head. I was excited but I had questions. How strong are these units if they’re made of cardboard. My first clue was carrying two units up a flight of stairs. Each unit was about the weight of an average cat and as solid as a piece of furniture. Then to be sure, I sat down on a unit. Rock solid. I took a close look and compared the Katris cardboard to cardboard stairs from another company. No comparison. It’s no wonder our flimsy stairs were peeling. Who knew not all cardboard is created equal?

Katris comparison cardboard

I started fiddling around with design options as outlined by the enclosed graphic. You could keep it simple and use just one or two or stack them long or tall, free-standing or against a wall or flanking another piece of furniture. The only limit is your imagination. Since I like to think out of the box, I used my imagination and not the diagrams.


Each unit comes with two clips to secure one unit to another plus a bag of organic catnip to sprinkle onto the cardboard to entice cats to explore and scratch.

Katris catnip

Every cat will have different needs and every space will present different design challenges. I’m always trying to make jumping or climbing easier for Merlin who is almost 20. He needs help reaching his favorite window sill perch. I usually keep cushions at the bottom of the bedroom radiator in case Merlin falls off (he’s also blind). This Katris option is more practical and stylish.


Many cats like a leg up getting onto a bed or sofa and I like to use a step stool but these stairs offer another option. If they were placed by the wall the top surface could be an end table.

Katris stairs bed

 Merlin gives a solid 4 Paws Rating for Katris.

Utilizing vertical space is an easy way to create a happy feline home. Most rely on shelves or tall cat condos but Katris combines the best of both worlds. The individual units can be hung on a wall with brackets (not included) or stacked to create kitty condo. Best of all, if you move or redecorate, the units can be re-configured in a few minutes. We have lots of vertical space in our home but I was curious to see how high a Katris Kondo I could make. It’s pretty impressive and Katris encourages customers to share their unique creations on their Facebook page.

Katris kitty condo

For more info about Katris visit Katris.com To see more awesome design options or purchase click on  Amazon.

FTC Disclosure: This is sponsored post and we received both product samples and a fee for our honest review. All reviews at Cat Wisdom 101 reflect our unbiased opinion.

22 thoughts on “Katris: Modular Cardboard Cat Furniture”

  1. This Katris Cat furniture looks very interesting. We love that it is made from recycled product! I think these folks are definitely on the right track with their products, sturdy, recycled product, easy to assemble and many options for creating the purrfect cat space for each individual need.
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig and Peanut and Romeo >^..^<

  2. This looks fabulous. My cats love cardboard. Definately going to keep it bookmarked. Shared it also.

  3. Wow! Oui Oui loves cardboard and would love something like that! We will be checking it out! What is really cool is that it looks like you can configure it to fit any space, and ours is so limited.

  4. Oh how wonderful!! Very clever – very sturdy – and very “Merlin-approved” which is certainly a GREAT recommendation!! They look solid and have well spaced levels for a senior cat – Sam needs some help these days too. Thanks for telling us about this line of cardboard fun – I may have to check this out for our boy!

    Hugs, Pam

  5. doodz….way awesum cat condo…troo lee…enjoy N haz fun…Heerz two a yellowtail horse mackerull kinda week oh end !!

  6. Oh I love this! Sounds like the cardboard is pretty strong! I love the idea that you can design yourself and stack them in many different ways. They looks very stylish!

  7. Dat be so pawsum. Wees kuld weally use sum of those fuw sis Lexi hoo be gettin’ on in years tu. Course meez also finks it wuld be fun tu play on. 🙂 Wees gunna check it out and put it on ow wishlist. Fanks fur shawin’.

    Luv ya’


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