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Merlin Remembers Angel Abby & Birthday Commentathon

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Manx Mnews angel Abby

Is Monday here already? Again? Merlin here, and did you know I help my mom Layla to comment at other blogs? Well, we were working in bed (my favorite place) when she stepped out for a few minutes. When she returned she was surprised to see me sprawled on the keyboard communicating with our friends at Manx Mnews. Oh that Annabelle is something else. Such a beauty I wish I was 18 years younger.

Anyway, her hooman mom, has done an remarkable job documenting her grieving journey on the blog. Her heart and soul cat Abby passed OTRB last August and her birthday is tomorrow. Abby was a very special cat and I’ve heard through the feline grapevine that she and Gris Gris have crossed paths. They would love me to join them but I’m not quite ready. Us cats know how to communicate beyond time and space and we don’t worry about dying. We also know how heartbroken humans get when we leave our fur form. But what hurts also heals and nothing heals faster than kitty love. What humans need to know is that hearts don’t break down but break OPEN, to be open to more love and compassion. It’s one of the most important lessons we teach cat lovers.

To celebrate Abby’s birthday, ManxMnews is having a commentathon benefit. Go visit ManxMnews on Tuesday and leave a comment and your good wishes.

Angel Abby birthday



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