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ManCat Wisdom With Passover Purrs

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

ManCat Wisdom With Passover Purrs

Happy ManCat Monday and since Odin is our only Jewish member of the tribe, we’ll let him lead today.


Odin, that’s all very well but anyone who isn’t Jewish may not understand what you mean. I mean, this all new to me. As an old cat with Scottish roots, I’m not Jewish. This brilliant infographic by Mike Wirth Art explains it all. Our cat dad is Jewish but Layla is not. Our cat tribe is mostly Zen and my mentor, Merlin would always say his religion was kindness. I agree.



Domino, who is tree-hugging Druid can be a ball buster especially with Odin.



Well, most of the time my religion is love, compassion and kindness but I’m a cat. We’re idiosyncratic. I still get annoyed sometimes when Odin slips upstairs to my turf without the password. I’ll wait at the top of the stairs and look intimating. Here’s a secret. It works. He is very respectful, as it should be since I’m ten years older. We will nap within feet of each other but one wrong move and he is escorted out, with kindness of course.


Here’s another secret. There is a special spot in our bedroom where I confer with Merlin. Layla has never seen me in a meeting, at least not with a camera handy. Dang, she caught me. It’s not a good pic but the secret is out. When in doubt, I ask: What would Merlin do?

what would Merlin do

Today he would say: Love more, hiss less. We need more peace, acceptance and understanding because if war won’t kill us, stress will. Whatever your religion or spiritual beliefs, we send purrs of love to you. May you know peace in your heart today and this week.

If you love black cats and me, you can see more of me at our group @BlackCatsofIG on Instagram and Facebook.


Clyde, Domino, Odin, Nou Nou and our human transcriber, Layla


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