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Killer Mancats & Mama’s Boys Go Raw

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Is it Monday already, again? We’re feeling like the unlucky mouse Odin caught. If not quite, dead, dead tired. This is an abbreviated update on the boys. Merlin took a step backwards and peed in the bed again. Twice. So it’s been lots of laundry and odor neutralizer. He looks like he’s aged a year in a week. He perks up for his brief walk and sniff in the garden and then essentially moves to and from from the bed and the windowsill bed and if we’re lucky, the kitty litter.

For his entire life when I’ve said “under the covers”, he happily crawls under the duvet and stays there. Lately, it’s been a convenient way for me to multi-task: working on a laptop, eating breakfast, chatting on the phone and reading all with him under the covers. The NY Sunday Times always as great ads like a full page from Cartier. But then something shifted. He’s got an OCD thing going on.


He responds to my command to come under the covers, he stays two minutes, crawls out, wants me to lift up the duvet for him to crawl back under, stays two minutes, crawls out and the cycle repeats itself. The only way to stop the loop is to talk to him and play kissy face. Smart boy. We fall back asleep and to wake up with his nose touching mine is heaven. And so what if I’m 893 emails behind?

Domino is his same sweet self, playing nursemaid to Merlin and playmate to Odin. He wisely stays on the ground when Odin climbs shelves or scales roof tops.


Odin has spring fever, blood lust and more energy than a pack gorillas on Adderal. Did I mention we’ve gradually introduced raw food into our boys diet after seeing the holistic vet? We never had much luck before but it’s working. All the boys are loving it.

Odin was caught “deer in the headlights” with his own version of raw. meanwhile he sneaks into bed Ninja-style, cuddles up to mama every night and makes killer biscuits with a side of drool.

Is he or is he not the killer?

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