The Feline Secret To Life

First of all, we’d like to thank you for a fabulous anniversary and birthday celebrations. We’re thrilled to have so many new cat loving friends!


Welcome to Man Cat Mondays with our four boys: Merlin, Gris Gris, Domino and Odin. If you are a Man Cat you are especially welcome. If you are a female cat, do you have three sisters? We don’t have any girlfriends.

Odin, our birthday boy had a little too much fun on the weekend. Blame it on the full moon but our crazy wild boy, ran off and had an pleasant run in resulting in a deep laceration on his hind leg. Thankfully, we had suitable antibiotics and amazing Vetricyn which we recommend for any pet first aid kit. Odin is recuperating nicely and will be going out only with a harness and leash until we figure out what happened. Are you feeling the full moon today?


Meanwhile, we hope our Mondays With Merlin restores a semblance of sanity with his feline secret to life.

Merlin: Oh my stars! That Odin has no sense. He hasn’t learned the secret yet. It all comes down to balance. With my limited vision, Layla stays close and noticed when we go for our walks, I walk like a pregnant human, my feet wider apart to gain balance. It seems to work. The antibiotics are helping the inflammation in my gums. It’s a quick fix and not a long term solution but at my age general anesthesia for dental extractions is too high a risk. The good news is I’m not as agitated at night when I can go for my garden strolls during the day. I’m very cranky when it rains and I can’t go out. But even the weather demonstrates balance. Joy is balanced by sorrow, light is balanced by dark and wisdom is knowing how to find balance when you’ve lost it. Do you have secret to finding balance?

Gris Gris: I agree about that fool boy Odin. I watch over him best I can, but you know a teacher can cook for you can he can’t eat for you. The young whippersnapper will learn. I myself seek balance by being very still in the shadows. It’s in the inner stillness I find the best action to take. From the sidelines I quietly observe where there is danger, where there is pleasure, when to stretch, when to rest, when to play. It’s really very simple.

shadow-cat-gris gris-garden

19 thoughts on “The Feline Secret To Life”

  1. Odin, my boy, what have you been up to? Good job you have efficient staff!

    Sorry boys we don’t have any spare girls. We’ve banned them as being boring!! 😉

  2. If there is not balance then the cosmos will do what is necessary to restore it. Without dark there could be no light. Merlin we love you so!
    Odin the pawty animal may have learned a good lesson the hard way which is often the way the cosmos balances the rashness of youth.
    The pawty was fantastic and we look foward to many,many more to come. Luvs and swishy tails Skeeter and Izzy >^m^^w^<

  3. Oh Odin we are hoping you heal quickly, my sisfur Gracie certainly has her eyes all over you!



    1. I’ll tell him. It should cheer him up Gracie is a looker. Maybe some matchmaking is in order?

  4. hoping that Odin is feeling MUCH better today!

    Being that I am a Libra my sign is all about balance, or striving to attain or restore it! (often without much success!)

    Ohhhh yesssss I am feeling the effects of the full moon for sure!

    1. Thanks, Odin is much better but Dr. G is coming over anyway on Thursday to check up on the whole gang.

  5. We agree that balance is good–but we like LOTS of everything to balance out! We’re greedy little thugs, according to Mommy. Miss Salem is our resident flirt and she’d be happy to flirt with ALL of you boys!

  6. Poor Odin. Sure hope his leg heals fast. Glad he had a fun birthday. Have never heard of Vetricyn. Will have to try it.

  7. That Vetericyn stuff looks interesting — wish I’d known about it sooner, before Odin’s cousin Fang had a flare-up of his old eye-sinus troubles . . . but now I do know about it, I think I need some. Looks like we may be having more of these episodes; maybe a more chronic-type thing than we first thought — and if we can jump on the eye involvement more quickly, maybe it won’t migrate into his sinus-nose like it’s just done . . . so please thank Odin for his adventurous spirit. Fang isn’t allowed outside to have pleasurable run-ins, so without Odin’s leadership on this point, we may never have known. Thanks Odin!

  8. I am glad you guys had meds at home for Odin – my human is nowhere near as prepared! My human was cleaning up her office and stuff and found an old fortune cookie message: “Luck will visit you on the next full moon.” Interesting, huh?

  9. Now I am loving cats more than dogs.. This is actually one of the best secrets I have ever read and I hope every person can benefit from this too..

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