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Mancat Monday Back From BarkWorld/MeowWorld

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Mancat Mondays are better with mom. Yes, Layla is back from the BarkWorld/MeowWorld conference in Atlanta where she was presenting and hobnobbing with pet peeps and pals of all stripes. I heard there were lots of d-o-g-s. She telephoned me everyday and we had a chat, well mostly with me singing loudly, annoyed that I could hear her but not touch her. I missed her and as soon as she got home we snuggled close and she didn’t even bother emptying her suitcase. Odin sulked but came running when he smelled TREATS.Merlin-mondays with merlin

MeowWorld-barkworld swag

CWA MeowWorld

CWA swag bag cat

Since we didn’t blog yesterday we’re announcing our book giveaway winners today. The 5 winners of The Best Cat Book Ever plus extra postcard booklets are Shelley P.,Cynthia Southern, Carol Dyer, Skeeter and Izzy and Deztinee High. Congratulations! Please look for an email from Cat Wisdom 101 requesting your shipping address.

Stay tuned for more Atlanta conference news and pics.


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