Taurus Cats + 1

taurus-cat-domino-cat wisdom 101

Domino is doing double duty today for National Straw Hat Day


We don’t know when Domino was born but he fits the characteristics of a Taurus to a T. If you’re not sure of your cat’s birthday, take a look at this profile and see if it fits. Taurus cats are born from April 20 to May 20. They are ruled by the planet Venus giving them an earthy beauty and grounded sensibility. Like all of the 12 of the zodiac signs, they have both positive and some less desirable qualities.

On the upside, they are loving, affectionate, often devoted one-person cats. Patient, persistent and focused, nothing will keep them from their goals whether it’s snagging the best spot in the sun or an unsuspecting mouse. They’re generally easy-going, slow moving, mellow marshmallows content to lounge on the coziest places. Yes, that means your cashmere sweater. They love the best in everything. They like the most luxurious cushions, the nicest food bowls, the best organic catnip, the top spots to perch and the Fancy Feast cats embody the Taurus archetype purrfectly.

On the flip side, they can be possessive and stubborn as a bull. They aren’t the best candidates for leash training and won’t jump through hoops for anyone. If they don’t like something, they’ll let you know with their distinctive meows. They like, no love food, good food and lots of it. Greedy is their middle name. Weight gain can be an issue, so don’t over indulge them which can be hard because of their charm. One chirp and you’re putty in their paws.

They tend to have attractive solid bodies and a thick neck. Their fur is thicker despite their breed standard and love being stoked. Being sensual, they delight in all their senses, they can turn a simple tongue bath into a spa treatment. Massage? Why not, but no Jacuzzi please!

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