play it safe-holiday pet hazards-hanukkah-cat-dreidel-cat wisdom 101
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Hanukkah Lights and Astrology Cats

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play it safe-holiday pet hazards-hanukkah-cat-dreidel-cat wisdom 101
Hanukkah menorah cats
The season of light is here. It may feel dark at 4 pm but the Solstice is around the corner and with it longer days ahead.

We’ll thrilled for light of a different kind. Our tech team sorted some of our recent tech woes and we’ll continue to make improvements. Subscriber notifications as of today will be via Chimpmail and they look so pretty. If you get tired seeing the big pic of Merlin and me, I’ll change it. But I thought he deserves to be front and center until it’s time for him to exit.

Today at sunset marks the first day of Hanukkah, the eight day festival of lights for our Jewish friends. Hubby is Jewish and claims Odin is Jewish. I’m not so sure. I think he’s more likely to be a tree-loving Druid. In any case, regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs, please be careful if burning candles near your cats. Place candles in inaccessible locations or supervise the cats at all times. I like tall and heavy glass hurricane shades as a safe option.

The Hanukkah candles are small and narrow and I find they easily fall out of the candle or menorah holder. If the hole is too large place, wrap a small piece of aluminum foil for a snug fit. This old photo of din was deliberately set up to demonstrate the potential dangers. He emerged unscathed but one paw swipe and it could be singed whiskers or a house fire.

Moving on to more love and light. Did you know that the three wise men who came to visit baby Jesus were astrologers? We’ve featured feline astrology profiles and unique art work since 2012. We’re at the tail end of Sagittarius and Capricorn begins on Dec. 22. These are our posters for 2013 and 2014 Sagittarius. This intrepid tabby hunter caught my eye when I visited Salem, Mass. and thought he looked like a Sag. kitty.


Astro kitty Sagittarius

Did you know Matilda the famous Algonquin cat is a Capricorn? We featured her in 2013.










This was our 2014 Capricorn poster. To find out all about the Capricorn cat purrsonality read our post here.

cat astrology capricorn










See you tomorrow, if it’s in the stars…


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