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The Sultry, Sphinx-like Scorpio Cat

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Today is the last day of Scorpio but we’ll post our next feline astrology column early.

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The Zodiac moved into the mysterious sign of Scorpio on Oct. 24 and stays there exerting its powerful influence until November 22. Scorpio cats are the most Sphinxlike of all the signs: sensuous, sultry, inscrutable and mesmerizing one minute and hell-raisers the next. Strong and courageous, there is nothing namby-pamby about cats ruled by Mars, the planet of war and passion, with Pluto the planet of power. They command respect.

One look from their intense eyes and hapless humans are hooked. The famous cat quote from Theophile Gautier suits them perfectly: “Who can believe that there is no soul behind those luminous eyes!” Their all-knowing eyes penetrate down to your soul. Be careful not to return their stare with a bold, unblinking one. They will perceive it as aggression, and may retaliate. Try a gentle slow blink instead. It’s tempting to tell them your secrets, but don’t expect them to share theirs.

Scorpio cat astrology zodiac

Scorpio cats like Pisces and Cancer are ruled by water. Water signs are more sensitive and intuitive, but Scorpio brings new meaning to the adage: still waters run deep. Scorpio cats loves drinking from water fountains and are fascinated by faucets, and may just join you in the shower without asking. Curious with a capital “C,” they like perching themselves where they can keep an eye on indoor human activities like cooking, dressing, web surfing, or outdoor action, like bird TV from a window sill. They will even supervise whoever cleans their litter and promptly leave a deposit the moment it’s clean.

Part of the Scorpio allure is not knowing what they’re thinking beyond the obvious “feed me” or “play with me” demands, or what daredevil feat these intrepid kitties will do next. These feline psychics will intuit if you’ve made a vet appointment even before you bring out the carrier and also know the moment you’re feeling blue. They’ll rub up against you, say silent meow and all will be better.

These passionate felines ooze sensuality even after being neutered and spayed (which we recommend doing early). You’ll find them luxuriating in sun puddles, and they like having their slinky bodies stroked and groomed. But don’t over-stimulate them, or they may lash out. Watch out for early warning signs like a twitching, back-and-forth swish of their tail. Don’t wait until they hiss and glare at you. If you piss them off, they just might pee in your shoe, or worse. Respect their space.

Some might call them manipulative, but they know what they want and how to get it with the look. If that doesn’t work, then an imperious meow and tap of the paw should do the trick. Clever and cunning, they love playing “ambush” and other prey games. But never use your fingers or toes, or you’ll be the loser in that game. Long wand or fishing pole-type toys work best. Let them catch their prey and it’s a win win.

Supremely territorial: what’s yours is theirs. Don’t be surprised if your favorite socks go missing in their secret stash, or your lipstick is rolled off the counter and used as a toy. Introducing a new cat to an established Scorpio cat’s territory may require a cat whisperer in order to avoid the World War III of catfights.

Scorpio kitties like a place of their own to nap in, ideally with privacy or a hidey-hole. It doesn’t need to be fancy, a linen closet will do. Midnight black and deep, murky reds are Scorpio colors if you want to buy them a special bed or other kitty gear. Be sure to provide several scratching posts or places to sharpen their magnificent claws, or they will shred the sofa and your precious Persian rug to smithereens.

If not immediately smitten by these dilettantes in fur coats, one possessive tap of their paw on your face, and the spell is done. They like to be charge of everyone and everything in their household. Possessive and jealous, they tend to be loyal, one-person cats. If you are that lucky person, you will happily do their bidding, having fallen under their magic spell. Of course you can sleep on my favorite cashmere sweater, you say. Please eat off my best china. More chilled spring water, Madam? Can I plump your pillow, Sir? The Scorpio cat lover line forms here.

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