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Cats helping cats is a simple but powerful concept. We’re thrilled three celebrity cats have joined forces for Cat Wisdom 101’s Black Cat Week. I wish we didn’t need to bring awareness to the plight of black cats but the low adoption stats are a reality. Black cats through no fault of their own are half as likely to be adopted as any other color. All because of outdated superstitions, some of which we outlined in yesterday.

Those who adore black cats know how enchanting and sweet they are. For the rest who are fearful or sitting on the fence simply haven’t met the right black cat yet. The best way to change outmoded or erroneous beliefs is by education like sharing our black cat adoption PSA.

The most adorable black cat many of you know is Cole of the popular web series Cole and Marmalade. They won the 2014 grand prize for the Friskies Cat Video Awards. Cole has been an adorable poster boy for black cats since early kittenhood and his best friend Marmalade is the perfect sidekick. Their cat dad Chris Poole is a lifelong black cat lover and thinks people who won’t adopt a black cat may be missing out.

Tara the Hero Cat, may not be black but she is all about supporting the underdog.  She became a global hero this year when she fearlessly saved her human boy from a vicious dog attack. She’s a natural hero who wants to help other pets and humans make a difference with a positive message for various causes. Together we can make a difference one action at a time.

Take action. If you hear someone saying something negative about black cats, enlighten them with the truth. Superstitions and prejudices develop out of fear or ignorance. It’s up to us to prevent the old wives tales from hundreds of years ago, rolling onto the next generation. It’s 2014. The world isn’t flat and black cats deserve a lucky break. Please share or crosspost this graphic.

Hero cats-black cat adoption

For more about Tara, visit or follow her at

For more about ColeandMarmalade visit their Facebook page for their latest news and videos.
Last three days. Thanks for helping Merlin to help cats.

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  1. Awesome read, love Cole and Marmalade, and I am thrilled to see that Tara is an advocate for black kitties=) Purrs!

  2. All three of these kitties are incredible and special but then again ALL of us are right??? Merlin, your work to find homes for the homeless is grand…..we love you for it.

    Hugs, Sammy

  3. What a pleasure to be here today. Thank you for the caring comment on my bloggie about my bad experience wif the stabby place,

  4. Oh we didn’t know Cole!!! I know “where have we been?” MOL Will have to acquaint ourselves!

  5. Cole – and Marmalade – are awesome, and I always love their videos! And I am so glad that Tara inspired her humans to help other cats and humans.

  6. Layla,
    I think there is a bit of bad luck in the works but it has nothing to do with black cats. I didn’t get this post in my email and from the looks of the number of people that have posted a comment I don’t think very many others did either!!!! You might want to check on that!

    We loves us some Black Kitteh! Course we loves us some Kitteh no matter the color….MOL
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & peanut & Romeo >^..^<

  7. Yes! This is wonderful!! We love that all these kitties are getting out in front of this!

  8. We’re late posting today. I’m at the Purina Summit with spotty wifi.

  9. guys…even tho he drank sum milk, spilled it on hiz chest, knocked de bowl over, then walked thru de milk when he walked away, sauce haz been one of de NICEST…& SMARTEST kittehs de food gurl haz had de honor of knowin…♥

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