roses are red -Valentine's Day cat poems
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Sweet Valentine’s Day Cat Poems & Limericks

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Sweet Cat Poems & Limericks For Your Valentine Kitty by Layla Morgan Wilde-

If your cat is your Valentine, why not tell them with a lovely poetry reading? Many cat lovers read books to their cat so why not poems? They may not understand every word but they will enjoy the attention. That and a few choice treats with the bon mots will bring smiles.Enjoy my Valentine’s Day Cat Poems.

I’ve included some poems or limericks within my latest creations. They are a huge labor of love made with a mix of my usual art work with a bit of AI. Share the individual cards of the entire post with someone you love.

If you missed my love poem to my cat Odin, check out oodles of my new free Valentines and you don’t have to use a holiday to buy expression of kitty love.

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roses are red -Valentine's Day cat poems

Kitties are soft, with fur so fine,

Eyes that sparkle, love that’s divine.

To my cat, I’m so true,

Together we’re a love that’s new,

Forever and always, you’re my mew.


My love for cats knows no bounds,

With purrs and snuggles joy abounds.

Roses are red, violets are blue,

My love for cats shines oh so true.


My Valentine, with whiskers so fine,

Her purrs, like music, they chime.

She’s always there,

With love that’s fair,

And snuggles that make everything divine.


My cat, my Valentine, so sweet,

With a love that can’t be beat.

She’s always near,

With purrs I hold dear,

And snuggles that make my heart heat.


My Valentine, with fur so warm,

She brings me comfort, free from harm.

With snuggles so tight,

And purrs that take flight,

She’s the love of my life that’s right!

be mine cat valentine

Oh cats, my feline friends so dear,

Your soft purrs and playful ways bring me cheer.

In your eyes, I see wisdom beyond measure,

Your grace and elegance a never-ending treasure.

Valentine cat AI poetry


Like the wildflowers swaying in the breeze,

You roam free and follow your own ease.

But when you curl up in my lap at night,

You fill my heart with love so bright.

You are the embodiment of joy and peace,

A reflection of nature’s sweet release.

Your gentle presence calms my soul,

And I feel whole with you as my goal.

I am but a humble servant to your beauty and grace,

Admiring your every purr and playful chase.

You are my muse, my source of delight,

And I thank the heavens for you with all my might.

So let us dance to the rhythm of our love,

A symphony of paws and purrs from above.

For you are my cats, my faithful friends,

Forever and always, until the very end.

Valentine ai cat limerick

My dearest feline friend, you bring joy,

A purring lulls me to a peaceful rest,

The playful antics you employ,

Your gentle presence is what calms me best.

Thank you for being my special boy!

pussywillow Valentine cat poem

Thou art the sun in my cloudy skies,

Thy fur so soft, I cannot help but stroke,

Thy eyes so wise, they seem to mesmerize,

Thou art my comfort and my constant hope.


On this, the day of love, I must confess,

My dear cat, thou hast stolen my heart,

For thou art more than just a pet, I guess,

Thou art my faithful companion, a true work of art.

So here’s a sonnet, written just for thee,

My love for thou shall forever be.


A cat who was quite the charmer

With purrs that were soft as a cloud

For Valentine’s Day, he’d rub and play

And give kisses, warm and purrs so loud

but then again we enjoy this every day.


A cat named Mr. Love, what a name!

With fur that is soft as a mane

He’ll curl in your lap

And take a long nap

And be your sweet Valentine swain.


cat valentine etching key to my heart

There’s a cat who’s so warm and so bright

With whiskers that twinkle at night

She’ll be your true love,

With purrs from above

And be the sweetest Valentine’s sight!


Candles lit, wine poured, and hearts beat

As we celebrate Valentine’s, so sweet

Our cats join in too,

With purrs and cuddles, just a few,

As we bask in love’s warm, gentle heat.


ai cat Valentine poems

My Valentine, what a treat,

A cat who can’t be beat!

With whiskers so fine,

And a purr that’s divine,

She’s the cat’s meow ever so sweet!


My feline Valentine oh so bold,

Her antics so silly never get old!

She brings me such cheer,

With her meows in my ear,

And snuggles that make me feel bold!


My Valentine, with fur so fine,

Bringing joy to my heart all the time!

She’ll meow and she’ll purr,

And occasionally blurr,

But my love for her will always shine!

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