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Free Valentines Purrfect For Cat Lovers

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Free Valentines Purrfect For Cat Lovers created by Layla Morgan Wilde

Our 5 day love letter to you dear cat lovers kicks off today with a sweet assortment of Valentines you won’t see anywhere else. I created them with a little AI, a whole lots of manual digital editing and a big dollop of love. Consider this a tasty appetizer for the next few posts. Enjoy, share and if you’re posting on your own website please link back to us.

If you love Valentine’s Day because of the gorgeous vintage Valentine cat art, take a peek at one of our most popular posts. In fact, I go crazy for V Day art, there is an archive of 109 media assets. Search for Valentines and they’ll pop up. Some are unusual Valentines while others just for writers but all unique.

In past years, my dear Odin had a girlfriend but not this year.

valentine-cats-cat wisdom 101
Be Mine?

Ah, poor Odin.

Here is my Valentine’s Day poem for him

My dear one-eyed cat Odin, Your love is something that I’m in You bring joy to my every day With your purring and playful way

Your single eye is bright and bold It shines brighter than gems or gold It holds a sparkle that’s unique One that makes my heart skip a beat

You may have lost one eye, my friend But you have not lost your will to bend And play, and love, with all your heart You’ve made a new life from the start

So on this Valentine’s Day, I want to let you know, in every way You are loved, my feline friend Now and till the very end

Happy Valentine’s Day, Odin, my one-eyed cat


I made this as a feline Tinder profile (is there such a thing?). Any Queen of Hearts kitties interested?

valentine queen of hearts with cat

I’m curious if you prepare special treats or dinner for your cat on Valentine’s Day?

roses are red valentine cats

As I was deciding on themes, I gravitated towards pairs of cats not just for romantic reasons but because most cats enjoy living with another cat or three.

life is more purrfect with you valentine cats

It’s a joy to see bonded pairs snuggle and bonus when they snuggle with you.

snuggle puss cat valentine art

Whisker love is forever, yes?

whisker love-cat valentine

Consider these Valentines Purrfect For Cat Lovers but also a brief love letter of sorts.

Doesn’t every cat lover love their cat to the moon and back?

i love you to the moon and back-cat Valentine

That’s all the love for now but stop by soon for a bunch more Valentines purrfect for cat lovers.


Layla and Mr. Romantico, Odin my Funny Furry Valentine


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