Feline Valentines To Melt Cat Lovers’ Hearts

Feline Valentines To Melt Cat Lovers’ Hearts by Layla Morgan Wilde

Love is in the air and did you know Americans are slated to spend 50 Billion for Valentine’s Day? That’s a crazy amount considering the state of the world. I’d rather spend a cozy evening curled up with a cat watching a movie with hubby. Wait! I do that every day. Seriously, Valentine’s Day is just another day around here but there will be treats for everyone in the house. Hello catnip!

two black kittens with catnip heart toy

Every year since 2011 I’ve curated and created a Valentine’s Day post featuring cats.

If you like vintage cards, you’ll love 120 Years of Cat Valentines

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Literary types will enjoy Valentines For Writers and Is Your Cat Your Valentine?

This year we turn to Instagram where kitty cuteness knows no bounds. Let me know which cat stole your heart. Come see who won our Kitty King and Queen of Hearts contest on February 14 on Instagram @blackcatsofig

This L.A. cutie is destined for Hollywood


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Our good friend in L.A., Chase Holiday (yes, that’s her real name) always take adorable pics and videos for Furball Fables. This is Merlin and Elfin, the little heart breakers.


Oh, this makes me miss my meezers Coco and Merlin.


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Surely this Ragdoll will have any furry Valentine of their choice.


Naked love. Have you ever held a Sphinx cat? They feel like a velvety hot water bottle. Really.



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I’m really missing our OTRB Domino and Clyde this year. I can’t believe it’s barely a month since the best black cat in the world left us.

This was his Valentine from last year and an old one from Domino. I think they’re both holding court in kitty heaven gorging on foie gras and pheasant.


cat valentine be mine

And because Valentine’s Day is brighter with black cats…

And a favorite new/old Valentine for you because the heart does go on. If you’re lucky to know the love of a cat who needs chocolate or champagne? Well, maybe chocolate. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Layla, Odin and Nou Nou plus the ever-loving Angel Cats.

23 thoughts on “Feline Valentines To Melt Cat Lovers’ Hearts”

    The valentine’s are so adorable and of course Domino and Clyde are extra special.
    Luvs to you all! Hugs and Kitty Kisses from all of us to all of you!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang and our own dear Angels >^..^<

  2. Thanks for posting. Love all the valentines. So sorry that all not all here to enjoy seeing themselves, but they all know how much they were loved on this day and forever.

  3. I love every one of your Valentines. Yes, they did melt my heart. However, I wouldn’t be able to keep some of our cats still enough to allow a photo! Thank you for sharing! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Love this which of course is the purrfect way to feel on this day of Love!! If I want to sleep tonight though I need to mention for Yogi, who has not stopped meowing my ear off that he is the very handsome Russian Blue, ladies man and playboy with his tongue out in the photo, not his annoying brother Elfin. Whew, now I can sleep……. hopefully! xoxo Chase the Human at Furball Fables

  5. the mama loves sphinx cats, the breeder of Phenny had them… the feeling is really a little strange when you touch them the first time, but they have such a fab purrsonality and they are super loveable…

  6. I was going through my old pictures looking for Angel Minko at Valentine’s Day…and I found lots, but now which one to show on our blog…so many memories…and it was his (&Pipo’s) Gotcha Day…sigh…

    Loved all your sweet Valentine kitties and cards!
    Pipo may be a Meezer, but he would never tolerate a photo session like that! I am thankful to get any with some kind of decor…but squished inside a pillow…um…he might resort to a bitey! MOL!!

  7. Oh This is exactly what I needed. Meow Meow Meow Meow. I think Cheddar in cat heaven perked up his ears.

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