Meowga Monday, KonMari Kitty Japanese Style

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Meowga Monday KonMari Kitty Japanese Style by Clyde, feline editor and curious cat.

Are you as curious as a cat? Well, curl up with me and you might learn something new.

How about doing a good stretch for starters? It’s #Meowgamonday. Yeah, it’s my thing and a thing on Instagram. #goals. We can’t let all you yoga buffs have all the fun. Speaking of goals or stretch goals, no pun intended, I have a humongous one for you.

Have you been swept up into the KonMari world of Marie Kondo, the declutter queen? She’s sold millions of copies of her book and Layla binge watched her new series on Netflix. Addictive but no substitute for actual tidying up. Apparently she’s not the only one hooked on the magic. It’s all about getting rid of what no longer sparks joy. I’ve seen nothing about Ms. Kondo and her feelings about cats or the challenges of keeping a multiple cat family home clean. Hello, cat hair and too many cat toys. I guess she would suggest putting them into cute baskets or containers. But really, does she think they are going to neatly stay there?

All I care about is whether my cat bowls and cat litter are clean and no where near each other.ย  Have you done any KonMari tidying up in your home?


I’ll tell you what this cat thinks about things. Humans use, consume, collect way too much stuff.ย  If cats could shop, they wouldn’t buy things. We know money can buy material things but not love or happiness. Okay, we might spring for a jar of caviar on occasion but you’d never find a cat hoarding garbage found on the street. Yes, you might find a stash of catnip mice under the sofa but only because you keep buying them and not vacuuming properly.

May your cat spark much joy but not so much that you become a hoarder.

There is something so clean and serene about the Japanese aesthetic. It’s not surprising that Marie Kondo is from Japan. We’ve been fans for awhile and adore most anything Japanese. My predecessor, Merlin wrote about his Marie Kondo decluttering tips ages ago. I found a purrfect example of Japanese style cat art to feature by Francesca Buchko an illustrator from Seattle who adores cats. Leave your comments or caption. I’ll start. “But I thought green tea was catnip tea.”


I hope your done you’re tidying up because it’s bad luck to clean your house on the Chinese New Year which begins later today. Happy New Year! It’s the year of the pig so will you be tidy or a little piggy this year?

Ever wonder why there is no year of the cat? One of our readers, Beverly says, ” Musician Al Stewart, when introducing his song โ€œYear of the Catโ€, used to tell a long story about Buddha throwing a party and giving each guest a year of its own. The rat was supposed to tell the cat about the event, but forgot. When the cat finally arrived the years were all gone. This is why cats and rats are eternal enemies now, and there is no Year of the Cat.”


Black Cats Tell All or do we? I’ll never tell. We need to maintain an air of mystery but want you to tell us something in a comment. Or share an image or the whole post.



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