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Earth Day Recycled With Cats

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Earth Day Recycled With Cats by Layla Morgan Wilde

April 22 is Earth Day a favorite holiday of mine with or without cats. After 10 years of creating photo quotes and graphics, I thought what is there new to say. Why bother? Has it helped?

I don’t know but I have a deeper relationship and appreciation for nature since Covid changed all our lives.
Connecting with the Earth and all her elements daily saved my sanity. Cats of course are naturally attuned to Earth energies. Every day is Earth Day for them. Smart kitties, right?

Our precious planet is angry, spouting more floods, fires, earthquakes and weird storms. Did this winter feel like a roller coaster to you?

All the while, our plastic-stuffed oceans are heating our polar caps and melting at record speed. Perhaps we don’t need new Earth Day content but how about recycling?

Paws up, everyone. Let’s celebrate the beauty and majesty of our pale, blue dot while we can.

I scrolled tons of old images and decided to edit and create something old out of new.

There is an old hollow tree near my home. This was the original photo quote. It needed just a minor edit. The quote is as timely as ever.

I really believe if we love and honor ourselves, we naturally honor our relationship with our planet.

How could I improve it? Adding cats of course. I changed the quote and mean it. We are interconnected on every level in every way possible.

We need these reminders of how Planet Earth needs our help. We don’t need to be a Greta Thunberg activist. Even one small positive action each, matters.

A new and improved version for a Purrfect Earth Day?

When I think back 10 years ago, there wasn’t much talk about bringing your own bags to the grocery. I might do it sometimes, but eventually it become a habit and now I can’t imagine not bringing my own bags.

How do you make the planet a little more Purrfect?

  1. Happy Earth Day! Excuse me, Odin and I are going to go hug a tree. xo, Layla

What can I say, once a tree hugger, always a tree hugger. That’s me at age 5.


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