9 quirky ways to celebrate National Cat Day
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9 Quirky Ways To Celebrate National Cat Day

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October is the month for cat holidays like National Cat Day. I have so many posts for Black Cat Day, I only posted new adoption poem graphics like this.

I decided to focus on National Cat Day. It’s hard to find something new about a topic I’ve blogged about for 13 years, but I did. Enjoy!

9 Quirky Ways To Celebrate National Cat Day.

The truth is Oct.27th is not only National Black Day but my mom’s birthday and death day. I’m feeling sad today. She died 5 years ago within days of launching my now classic book Black Cats Tell: True Tales and Inspiring Images It’s fitting to share a post about the cat that inspired it all. Scroll down to the end. Click on the title to open.

National Cat Day is a day dedicated to cherishing our feline companions. While the usual treats, toys, and snuggles are always appreciated, why not venture into uncharted territory this year?Let’s think of some quirky ways of making it an unforgettable experience for both you and your whiskered friend.

On National Cat Day, in a playful display,

Feline friends have a field day.

With a purr and a chase,

In their favorite place,

Cats celebrate in their own special way.


1. Cat Art Gallery

Turn your home into a meow-sium by creating feline-inspired artwork. Grab some non-toxic paints, lay out a canvas, and let your cat walk over it with their paws. The result is a unique masterpiece that captures your cat’s essence. You can proudly display it as a one-of-a-kind décor piece in your home.

2. Cat Movie Marathon

We’re used to watching cat videos online, but why not take it up a notch? Host a cat-themed movie marathon featuring classics like “The Aristocats” and “The Cat Returns.” Create a cozy cat fort with blankets and pillows for both you and your cat to enjoy the show together. Popcorn optional.

3. Kitty Gourmet Meal (Human grade)

Spoil your cat with a tiny version of a home-cooked, gourmet meal. Use cat-safe ingredients and create a delicious nibbles for your feline friend. From fishy delights to chicken extravaganzas, your cat will savor every bite. Think chicken soup, pumpkin puree, cream, lox and bagel, tuna tartare, roast chicken and gravy but remember don’t oversalt and avoid onions and garlic.

4. Cat Charity Volunteering

On National Cat Day, in a heartwarming way,

A furry friend found a home to stay.

With a purr and a smile,

In just a little while,

Cat adoption brightened the day.


National Cat Day is a wonderful opportunity to give back. Consider volunteering at a local animal shelter or rescue organization. Spend time with cats in need, offer them comfort and companionship, and perhaps even find a new friend to bring home. If that isn’t an option, visit the website of your local rescue or shelter. Most will have an Amazon Wish list or list items they need like used, clean towels.

5. Cat Yoga or Meowditation

Cat yoga, or “cat-lates,” is a trending practice that combines exercise and quality time with your cat. Your feline friend might just surprise you with their ability to enhance your stretches and poses. Just remember, it’s all about having fun together, not perfection. Put on some relaxing music and chill. There are a number of Youtube channels dedicated to feline relaxation but I really find Sound Sanctuary For Pets more healing. Try this one if Halloween is scary for them.

6. CATcation Getaway

Take a day off and go on a mini catcation with your furry friend. Whether it’s a picnic in the park or garden, or relaxing hike in a secluded place in nature away from cars or crowds (if your cat enjoys that and is harness trained). Spending quality time outdoors in nature can be a memorable and enriching experience for both of you.

7. Cat-Themed DIY Projects

Get creative with your hands by engaging in some DIY projects inspired by your cat. Craft personalized toys, scratching posts, or even a cat tree together. Not only will you have fun creating, but your cat will appreciate the results. Use cat-safe materials and be prepared to have that roll of twine knocked over.

8. Have a Consultation with an Animal Communicator

Usually we think of animal communication sessions when there is a serious problem or we’re grieving from pet loss but it’s fun just because. You might discover what your cat really wants or uncover unexpected answers.

9. Cat Poetry Slam

Let your inner poet shine by expressing your deep affection for your cat through the art of verse. Organize a cat-themed poetry contest with friends or fellow cat enthusiasts, or pen your own heartfelt verses and share them with your cat, turning National Cat Day into a purr-fectly poetic celebration.

Odin is all for self-expression and will get the ball rolling.


On National Cat Day, Odin’s at play,

In a hammock, he lounges all day.

With a purr and a sprawl,

He rules over all,

In his feline kingdom, he’ll stay.

On National Cat Day, it’s a special display,

Feline friends all around come out to play.

With bounding energy and happy purrs,

In homes and streets, each cat’s heart stirs.

Some chase shadows or pounce on a toy,

Bringing endless moments of feline joy.

In this charming celebration, cats unite,

Their unique ways, a heartwarming sight.


Odin has reviewed hundreds of cat products over the years and is retired, but I’ve been curious about those floppy fish toys. Cats seem to go crazy for them so I got him one. The fish flopped around and emitted a strange sound. What could go wrong?

Well, it was an epic fail. Have you tried one? This is the worst toy for him. It was if he was insulted.

After he rejected it, more than once, he turned his back on me and went hunting for a new toy.

I don’t fault him. After all, why would any cat like a fake fish when they could play with a live chipmunk? Odin seemed so disgusted with the fish, he quickly caught a chipmunk and brought it into the house to teach me.

He must have thought: Oh mom, I know that fish isn’t real. Can’t you see real, furry things are so much more fun? Really, do you think you can fool me?


This National Cat Day, unleash your creativity, think beyond the scratching post, and create lasting memories with your cat that will be remembered and treasured for years to come. Do you have a unique way to celebrate?


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