Columbus Day Thanksgiving With Black Cat Awareness

Hello, It’s me black cat Clyde and I’m back for another Black Cat Monday. Did you miss me? I have lots of news! Is it a holiday where you live? Happy Columbus Day to our fellow Americans and Happy Thanksgiving to our dear Canadian friends. Did you know my mom is a proud ex-pat Canadian? Either way, it means a day off and more treats. We’re having a BBQ and I’ll be thankful for some juicy morsels.

Speaking of juicy morsels, let’s move on to some more news.

  1. Life is pretty good and I’m still going out daily. No, the novelty has not worn off but what’s with all those crispy dried leaves? It’s getting cooler and there is talk about me wearing a sweater or coat. Listen, I’ve lived almost 20 years on this planet without wearing wool. Why start now? Layla says I would look especially dapper. We’ll see about that. Hint hint. This is what I don’t want for Christmas.


Okay, that’s not really news but I had quite the shock last week.

2. Two black pugs showed up in our garden and went out to meet them. No, I was not the least bit scared. Why would I be with those silly faces?

black cat and black pug dogs

One was barking at me but I’m deaf and could care less. Those goofballs named Dylan and Little Sheba even had the nerve to come inside. Boo, I say!

2 black pugs-Halloween

3. PAWS, the shelter where I’m from are offering reduced adoption rates this month for black cats. I’m especially impressed with George, a handsome mancat aged five. That’s almost a kitten compared to me. PAWS is an amazing shelter with beautiful cage-free areas. A must-see if you live in the Tri-State Area More about George here.

george-black cat

4. Did you see our our post last week with our first video in a dog’s age? It was in honor of Black Cat Awareness Month and kind of spooky. Some said it was a bit too scary.  See it here. I thought it was kind of Halloweenish fun but Layla decided to make a lighter version. I think it works and relays the message beautifully. It was quite popular on Instagram but on YouTube it slipped into a black hole of invisibility. Sigh. See it here and compare. Which do you prefer? Like, view and comment on YouTube please. I wonder if anyone is even reading this. You know with attention spans these days. Glance a photo, read a caption maybe and it’s on to the next thing. That’s not YOU, though thankfully.

4. The Dodo did a cute video to promote black cat adoption which racked up half a million views. Yay, the word is getting out, not that we get credit. We’re tiny but mighty and every like and share counts!

That’s all for this week unless you’re on Instagram where we share stories daily.

Lots of black cat love and purrs,


P.S. Some people can leave comments while others can’t.  We haven’t unraveled the glitch, sorry.

13 thoughts on “Columbus Day Thanksgiving With Black Cat Awareness”

  1. Hard to comment here…but hewre we are!

    We don’t even. go to U-Tube…and some videos do not pa=lay nicely for us either…a long time problen=m, ni=ot specific to this blog…no wqorries!
    Gearge looks like a gereat kitty, and we hope he soon finds a wonderful home.
    Sorry about the typos, te keyboard I am using is smaller than. I am used to.

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving from one ex-pat to another!

  2. Good to see you, Clyde! We would have been afraid of those dogs…but not you! Happy Black Cat Awareness Month. Black cats rock!

    pee ess…like Erin said, we couldn’t comment at first. We had to right click on each box.

  3. We liked the Spooky one but know that can be misconstrued and add to the bad rep. We don’t do you Tube or Instagram no time. We are glad you are venturing out dear Clu=yde and know how to handle two Thug Pugs….MOL
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang
    PS to Comment right click in the box and start typing,limitations to editing without backspacing to any error and retyping after that but it works!

  4. I like both videos and liked them on You Tube. My favourite is the spooky one.
    I couldn’t comment at first but then remembered that the last time I right clicked and got the message that I couldn’t copy, but it brought the vertical bar up and I was able to comment. Maybe you could add a note on your posts to right click in the comment box and hopefully it will work for others too.

  5. Well, we like both, and think running side by side is fun. But for BCAM we think this new one is best.
    Oooh now those two doggies were a bit brazen coming to your house like that, but you showed them for sure that your house and castle was taken 😉
    PS. We have to right-click each box before we can use it. That info may help some of the other commenters.

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