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100 Years of Kids Who Love Black Cats

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100 Years of Kids Who Love Black Cats by Layla Morgan Wilde

Since 2011, we’ve posted many vintage images of adults and children with cats. Some are as cute as any found today but there is very little racial diversity. Most depict girls and women but it may come as a surprise how many young boys loved their black cats. There is no question the past decade has seen an upswing in cat lovers of every gender, race, and religion. The antique sepia photos of 100 years ago were usually of upper-crust customers. It’s our hope that this new diverse selection feels more inclusive on every level. The only thing each child shares is their preference for a house-panther for a pet. The images have been restored and edited.

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This dreamy Victorian studio shot is typical of the era.
















Unlike the perfectly posed and poised girl above, this gal appears more unruly with a cat who is not into the collar and bowtie.

kids and black cats


























A boy and his mini-panther. Note the large bow. Bowties and neckwear for cats are all the rage on Instagram.


Every so often I’ll find photos of street kids with cats but this is the first time I found a Roma girl.


Black cats are revered in Japan and considered lucky. A well-fed house panther is hugged by his human. Photo credit: Kansuke Yamamoto.

kids and black cats

A very early adventure cat and future TV cat wrangler?


Okay, this isn’t a real cat but too cute to resist. Why isn’t anyone making these anymore? I’d love one. Wouldn’t you?

Who needs a pony when you can have a giant cat? This is not nearly as impressive as the tail-up version.



Images of African American children or adults with cats are rare. I love how he’s cradling his black cat like a baby.

kids and black cats




















What’s remarkable about this Victorian girl and her cat is the setting. It’s rare to find a posed cat and child image outdoors, let alone up a tree.

Which photo is your favorite?



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