Siamese Cat’s 17th Birthday Party +

Welcome to a extra special Cat Saturday News & Mews.

Before you get ready to party…
birthday-cat wisdom 101-party

In case you missed it, our foster gal Ling Ling went to her forever home this week. I shed more than a few tears but the others? No biggie. Odin adjusted in two shakes of his tail and Gris Gris sighed in relief from his tormentor.

happy-cat-wisdom 101

For Merlin it was the best birthday present possible. With the natural order restored, he forgave me and bestowed special snuggle privileges. Since Ling Ling can’t be here for the party, here she is with me providing a lesson.

there are no ordinary cats-quote

There truly are no ordinary cats but there some extraordinary cats like Merlin.  A proud Canadian, born on October 2nd, he had a rough start with four homes in his first year before I adopted him and his sister Coco, a few days before his their first birthday. He’s aged gracefully and is a dignified old gentleman.


I’m blessed to have some kitten photos of him before I knew him. He’s still handsome but it was love at first sight when I met him as this stunning nine-month-old kitten. I felt destiny’s pull but it would be three more months before he came home with me forever.siamese-kitten-merlin-cat wisdom 101

So without further adieu, help yourself to a sunny spot and join the rest of the fur gang. There is still some fresh catnip available from the garden.

birthday-feral-cat wisdom101

catnip birthday_cake

Merlin makes one big wish for every cat on this planet to be happy.

cat wisdom101-birthday 17 cake

There’s always someone who is out of control at a party. Of course it was Odin, climbing up on the porch roof again. Cat daddy will need a new chainsaw soon.  What I say, a leopard doesn’t change his spots. He’s a wild boy but with a big heart. Note how is bushy his tail from excitement. If he was human he’d no doubt enjoy extreme sports like heli-skiing or bungee jumping.

cat wisdom 101-climbing-bushes-odin


At the ripe old age of 17, Merlin no longer relishes adventure, or even toys. He’s happy with simple pleasures: a good meal, a warm lap, a garden stroll and a sun puddle. Oh, yeah and…

king merlin-cat wisdom101

Thanks for coming and feel free to lounge as long as you like. Purrs.

Siamese cat napping sun



26 thoughts on “Siamese Cat’s 17th Birthday Party +”

  1. Merlin
    We apologize for being so late in wishing you a very happy 17th purrday. But we couldn’t pass by without a comment. What a handsome boy you are and we are all so glad that you found your forever home on your 4th try. It took me 3 times to find my purrfect home, and now I have been with my Mom since 2005. Growing mature just gives us more time to enjoy as you best said, good naps, sunbeams, a warm lap and great food.

  2. Oh I’m so late to the party – sorry! However wishing a very happy related birthday to Merlin!! That picture of you and your gorgeous blue eyes is…. well…. gorgeous!! =^..^=

  3. Well Happy Belated Birthday Merlin! And many more…I’z got my jazz paws goin’ for ya big time! Looks like you would have had a mighty fine day! That catnip cake looks pretty good and great pictures of the gang for sure!

  4. Happy Birthday, Merlin! Sorry to be so late, but we sent Dad to the pet store to buy many cans of food for us which we will refuse to eat, and that’s why we’re late. Hope you had a great party.

    D-2, Jonquil, and Emily. Our dog Dickon also sends his best wishes.

  5. Whew!! We finally got here! We are sorry we are late but we brought all sorts of noms, toys, party horns and we are gonna stay til the sun goes down!


    You know my Mom has a soft spot for you because you are a Libra like my Mom!!! No wonder you are such a WISE kitty! (smile)

    We wish you a day full of sun puddles and warm breezes, you have a wonderful Mama & Daddy and a loving kitties all around you!

    Enjoy your day!
    Love, Cody, Dakota and “Mom!”

  6. Happy Birthday, Merlin. You deserve lots of special attention at your age so make sure you get waited on with lots of extras.

    (We take it Coco didn’t make it to her 17th birthday.)

  7. Happy, Happy Birthday Merlin. We sure hope it is a wonderful day for you with lots of nice sun puddles and some good treats too. We also wish you many more of those birthdays. Enjoy your party and have a super day Merlin.

  8. Happy Birthday Sweet 17 Merlin! Oh…I won’t mind a slice of the nipcake. Make that 6 slices. Am not sharing mine with the rest. purrr…meow!

    Angelina, Brad, Michael, Nicole, Nikki & Tom

  9. Happy Happy Birthday Merlin!

    Sad about Ling Ling, but you will get another girl soon. And probably a Siamese beauty.

    Cat daddy needs a new chainsaw soon. Ooh, didn’t know he was the adventurous type. Great going.

  10. Happy Birthday, Merlin! Great pawty. We think we will dive into the fresh catnip and then maybe some cake. Then, if you don’t mind, we’d like to lay about and nap with you.

    Laura and Taffy

  11. Happy Purrthday Merlin, you handsome mancat! At 17 you still have it! We can see why your Mom fell in love at first sight. Now, lets party! We’ll bring the nip!

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