Livestrong, Cats and Computers

Odin Googles himself

Odin wonders when he Googles himself “Odin cat”, there’s no mention of him until the second page, and who are these other cats and clothing companies with his name, and who this Norse god anyway? He needn’t worry his furry head when there are more pressing matters like mom’s desktop computer crashing and having no photos available to post. Then there are really important things like paying tribute to the brave animals and humans fighting cancer. Today is Livestrong Day and we had something fun and yellow planned but c’est la vie. Some cool cats showing their support are at

Thanks for all the good birthday wishes for Merlin yesterday. He’ll tell you few things about what’s really important tomorrow; if the computer gods are willing.


6 thoughts on “Livestrong, Cats and Computers”

  1. That’s too bad about the computer – that happened to us just once but once is MORE than enough! We celebrated Livestrong day here since Mom is a cancer survivor herself but we honor those who deal with cancer EVERY day. I hope Merlin had a wonderful birthday and tell Odin he’s a STAR even if he’s on the second page of stuff that pops up when he googles his name!

    Kitty Hugs,

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