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Shelter Volunteer Santa Kitty Toy Hop

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Every time I visit the shelter where I volunteer I bring toys, treats or something useful. For this week’s shelter volunteer feature I’m participating in the Santa Kitty Toy Hop, an initiative by our blogger friends at Sparklecat to spread holiday cheer to shelter cats. All the bloggers participating gathered up toys and other goodies to share to a shelter of their choice. Scroll down and visit some of the bloggers. It’s amazing how different each shelter is but what they share in common is a love of cats who ALL need a home.

santa kitty toy hop-cat bloggers


Our choice is naturally the New Rochelle Humane Society. We donated a few toys from the Kathy Ireland collection in the Sparkle Cat kitties Binga and Boodie’s name. Even the dogs got some treats, but the best gift is the joy volunteers get by spending time with shelter pets. If you’ve never considered volunteering, it’s the most rewarding time you’ll ever spend. Most volunteers can play with cats in a cage-free area which is the most fun but there are volunteer opportunities of all kinds. Most shelters have website with volunteer info and a donation wishlist of needed items.

Of course the gift every shelter cat wants this year is a forever home

It’s treat for me to spend time in the large cage-free area but you’ll rarely see me there. You’ll find me in the small back rooms with cages socializing, creating environmental enrichment and assessing the cats one at a time. It’s cramped and not glamorous sitting the floor or climbing ladders but it’s where I can make the biggest difference.

If you are in the NYC area or would like to share this post, the latest roster of adoptable cats can be seen at New Rochelle Humane Society.

where adoption discounts are on until the end of the month for older pets or those who have been at the shelter for over four months.

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A few of my Santa kitty toy hop donations. I’m grateful to receive many products for free and happy to pass them onto deserving shelter pets.

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