2 cat friends quote
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Mancats Through Thick and Thin

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)
Hello there and happy Monday! Feeling blah or blue? It’s your host Merlin, to the emotional rescue.
One of the things I appreciate on a rough day is the support of a good friend. For me, the support is literal when Domino wedges his hulking weight against me. He purrs a loud, vibrato in my face, guaranteed to blow the blues away. It’s hard to believe that when we first became friends 12 years ago I was as big as him, if not bigger.
How the mighty have fallen, or shrunk, in my case from old age and kidney disease but Domino still loves me. Friends accept us no matter what and help us through thick or thin. When Layla was gone for a few days last week to attend the Purina #BetterWithPets Summit, Domino did double duty. He’s good that way but that’s what friends do.
2 cat friends quote
One of the countless amazing thing about cats is: you always know where you stand. If we like you a little or a lot we show it to humans and our own kind (sometimes dogs and other critters too). Some get a quick head butt while others get a marathon biscuit-making session with kisses. There’s no pretense, no phoney “let’s have lunch” when we don’t mean it. A cat unlike some humans say what they mean and mean what they say.

“Cats don’t have fake friends.”

Okay, maybe on Facebook but that doesn’t count. Sorry, we all know cats need our humans to tap, tap, tap and click, click, click our likes and opinions online. And horror of horrors, these very same humans who feed us and claim to love us, write wicked bad, funny, embarrassing and downright untrue things about us!!!! (editor’s note: Merlin insisted on three exclamation points.)

The truth is I’m still kicking but not as high. My mobility declines week by week and the human are assisting (carrying me) more often on and off the bed. They got me the cutest little stairs but I can only go down and not up. Sigh, and to think I used to bound up the step-stool only last year.

The good news is I’m no longer pissing up a storm and my appetite is Michelin 5 star excellent and as a bonus treat from the cat gods, I’m sharing this video. Just when you think something is over, it may not be. As you may know I’ve shared about my frequent hammock forays all summer and never thought in nine lives, I’d be enjoying warm hammock weather in November. Just a few days ago, it was so warm I didn’t need a blankie outside but Layla insisted just in case, and we shared the most refreshing snuggle time with soft breezes showering the final golden leaves. Layla normally likes to keep these special times private, but here ya go. Enjoy, who knows how many more warm days or videos there will be. Layla is yakking and I can’t get a word in edgewise until the end. Ha, what can I say, we both love talking.

Some things never change. How do you spend special time with your cat?


  • Caren Gittleman

    Ohhhh how this made me SMILE!! Oh Merlin’s little meow on the video was just precious!!!!!!
    Domino is such a good kitty furiend, that is for sure. You can tell they love each other so much.
    I ADORE hammocks and the video was just great! Your yard looks amazing, my kind of place for sure

  • Flynn

    That looked like a perfect day for sharing hammock time, Merlin. The weather gods are smiling on you giving you a warm and sunny November day. Domino is a very good brother for looking after you so well.

  • Austin Towers

    Dominic is an excellent buddy!! That is so sweet that he takes over the snuggling!! We loved the little sigh you gave, Merlin, at the end of the video! Was that your seal of approval? MOL

  • Tamago

    Domino is such a good friend! I bet his loud purr will kick blues away from anybody around 🙂 And yes, cats don’t have fake friends…if they are friends, they are true friends!

  • Angel Ms. Phoebe's Family

    Sweet nephew it brings tears to my eyes to see how much your family loves and cares for you. Your brofur Domino is wonderful in his action of pure love and adoration to support and keep you safe and warm, brofurs and friends are an amazing combination to be.The bond you and Mom Layla is one like no other, your sigh of contentment only confirming your feeling. I love to share one on one moments with my fur babies too, and have been trying to do so as much as I can with my Kaspars who like you is in renal failure and just recently his woofie sister and friend Sophie who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It is not easy knowing this will be our last Christmas together after many joyful years both have brought to our family, but as you wisely have taught us we must enjoy each moment we have together.
    That is our goal for the next few months so we may stock up on many memories to last us until we are reunited again one day at the Bridge.
    We wish you and your family oodles of splendid moments together to fill your own cache of love and send healing purrs, thoughts for your continued comfort.

  • da tabbies o trout towne

    dood….itz grate ta bee abe bull ta call yur brother a friend, and your friend…a brother. glad ya getted sum hammick time in; and N joyed de time with yur mom….. AND ya had BURD FREE TREEZ !!! ♥♥♥

  • Sammy

    Oh how purely sweet……especially that little sigh by Merlin at the end of the video. He loves his one on one with you Layla but dear Domino is a HERO in my book too for making sure Merlin is kept nice and warm and “centered” since he can’t see. Animals are so amazing……so very special……makes my heart warm……!

    Love, Pam (and Sam)

  • Kathryn

    I’m so glad you and Dom are such great friends. He knows he needs to keep you warm and lovey in this cold weather, and he’s more than happy to do so, for you, the wonderful and great, wise Merlin.

  • Skeeter and Izzy

    A friend in need is a friend indeed!!!!! We are gald you have the great family and friends that you do dear Merlin. We are glad that you had a beautiful November to enjoy the hammock again.
    Luvs and purrs and prayers
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo and the Angels

  • Summer

    Merlin, you are so amazing! I’m glad to hear your appetite is up. You are right – we kitties like who we like and we don’t pretend otherwise. Of course, there are some like me who like just about everybody!

  • ellen

    Domino is a good friend, bet his purr feels nice as well as his cuddling for ya Merln.

    Youre quite right about cats… not much deception there although I have known one or two if they know someone doesnt ‘like cats’ to try and rub on them just out of spite. Usually, these are the same people their humans are just being cordial to, and wish we could do something naughty out of spite too ~

    Youre looking good there meezer, love thee headd tucj at the end of the video!

    It had been ratther warmer than usual here too although the trees look about the same. Enjoy these last warm days in your hammock with Layla, and glad to er you are feeling better !

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