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Secret Santa Catmas And Wildly Festive Cat Art

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Secret Santa Catmas And Wildly Festive Cat Art



Merry, merry everyone. I’ll be blogging at the behest of Clyde our feline editor and his fursibs today. Enjoy our annual Secret Santa Catmas or Christmas extravaganza. It’s loaded with lots of pics and few words since who has time to read. Thank you friends, readers (new and old) and cat lovers every where. This year our cat community grew to include cat lovers from Indiana to India and Italy to Iran. I don’t mean subscribers alone but individuals I’ve enjoyed extensive Dms, emails or Skype calls with.

In the spirit of the season of peace and goodwill, I salute you dear cat lovers for being open-minded and open-hearted. We are a very diverse bunch and often the only thing we share in common is our love of cats. That is enough for me.

And now for something completely different. I enjoyed creating a wildly diverse Christmas cat art and cards collection this year. As always, you won’t find these anywhere else. They are my shareable gift to you! They include antique photos, vintage illustrations and contemporary photography all digitally enhanced and layered.


Every decade brings cultural touchstones like the Mad Men inspired card with an ashtray or the Cat Santa from England with a French flag during WWII. Many of you may not be in the mood to celebrate. It’s been a brutal year and while I never use more than mild profanity online, it felt appropriate to drop the F-word in a vintage card no less.

Christmas Interior_tree-Vintage


Big thanks go out to our Secret Santa, Buckwheat and cat mom Amanda. Her gray and white DSH Buckwheat blogs but more frequently found at his Facebook page

The annual cat blogger event is organized with much love and care by Paula, cat mom blogger at Sweet Purrfections Every year is different. This year, Clyde who rarely comes downstairs was curious about the Secret Santa parcel. Odin was his usual curious self while Domino and Nou Nou seemed more interested in napping.
































This deserves a caption. Do I dare ask which card is your favorite?


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