Cat Christmas Card Catastrophes

Cat Christmas Card Catastrophes by Layla Morgan Wilde

Being creative is one thing but actually executing a creative idea is work. And often what we think might work, doesn’t work. So in the spirit of holiday season kindness or madness I’m sharing a motley mix of cards I designed. Feel free to print, share and enjoy as long as it’s not for commercial gain. If adding to a blog, please link back to us.

Some designs are cute while others are odd but rest assured they are unique.


In the past decade of blogging, I’ve seen some ideas turn out nicely and more times than not, flop. As we head towards a new decade, I’d like to think my skills have improved but I think what has improved for sure is my editing eye. I know what could be improved but have to decide whether I can afford the time to fix it. What I know fur sure is readers don’t care. They want to digest content whether educational or entertaining, fast and move on.

Why am I spilling? 2020 is fast approaching and I don’t want to do what I’ve always done here. But I don’t know what to do instead. Perhaps by sharing a diverse cross-section of styles, someone, maybe you, will mention what you really love or hate to help me focus on a new direction.

Can you tell I’m not into the holiday season? This year I managed to decorate, host a Solstice party and even baked cookies for our delightful garbage men but the cost was a Lyme fibro relapse. I’m back in bed watching a glorious sunset as I write this grateful for simple pleasures.  That’s a very old pic when angel cats Merlin and Coco hovered with furry love.

woman lying in hammock with cats Chrsitmas

This is bittersweet. Nou Nou and Odin used to be good friends but he wants nothing to do with her anymore. It happens to humans and cats and life goes on.

I think Odin might be permanently on Santa’s Naughty List. If you didn’t see the proof, check out yesterday’s post Naughty Nice Challenge

Good try getting on the Nice List, Odin. Do you have a cat who is naughty and nice?


For my @blackcatsofIg community on Instagram. For the most gorgeous bunch of black cats you’ve ever seen. Funny too!

Another bittersweet one with Clyde. As you may know, he’s been in decline for a year and in palliative care. This was probably the last time he’ll wear a hat or pose for photoshoots. I’m grateful to get a few nice shots which I’ll keep and maybe share.

black cat santa hat drinking water fountain

I’ve posted tons of vintage cards over the years that I now see for sale by other people on Etsy, Zazzle. I like giving them a modern twist like this furry one.

furry christmas cat wishes

For lovers of the CATS film? Maybe not.

This is a variation of one I made last year. Sigh, we are down to three cats this year.


15 thoughts on “Cat Christmas Card Catastrophes”

  1. Layla,
    I have been off for the holidays and did not have access to a computer etc. so I missed your posts!!!!
    I hope you and yours had a good holiday season.
    The New Year/Decade is going to bring goods things to us I just know it!
    I actually got to be off for 11 straight work days plus weekends so I got to spend some quality time with all of the kitties !
    We purr and pray for good things to come to all in this world. There are so many devastating things happening to so many around the globe.
    Love to all and may this be the time for the right kind of great change of the world and all of those in it.
    Skeeter and Izzy and thwe Feral Gang >^..^<

  2. I was here the other day and had to come back. I really enjoyed this. Cats are my favorite people.

    I think Cheddar is also loving this from his post in cat heaven. I imagine he’s playing with mouse toys and getting Gerber Baby Food and Fancy Feast and lots of belly rubs.

    Keep up the amazing work, Layla.

    A cat a day keeps the sadness and misery of life a way.


    Hope you are having a supercalifragilistic Christmas.

      1. 2020 will be a great year, I believe. And I wish the same for you. Here’s to all the kitties in heaven and for those waiting to be adopted.

  3. I LOVED THIS POST!!!!! I pray you are feeling better now and looking forward to hearing about the party!!!!! Sending lots of love on Christmas and always! Merry merry Christmas! xoxo

  4. I know the ups and downs of best intentions creativity. More often than not, something that should be simple ends up being an ordeal (probably because I’m pickier than need be) and something complex is easier than I anticipated. Anyhow, I enjoyed your cards and the sentiment behind them. Life remains an up and down trip and I hope you’ll find the course you’re looking for.

    Holiday love and purrs from Deb and the Zee/Zoey gang.

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