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A bright spot during the recent storms were deliveries by mail, FedEx and UPS. Our favorite delivery, sent from the lovely people from Imperial Cat was a nifty Scratch ‘n Shape. We’d done a giveaway without seeing the product (a first). Hurricane Sandy hit us hard and we were unable to announce the winner as promised. In all fairness, we wanted to really test the product and did.

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Imperial Cat has a treasure trove of fun, eco-friendly scratchers. We selected the three piece Scratch ´n Snooze for its creative possibilities. The light but sturdy construction has endless uses for play, snoozing, scratching plus a bonus practical use. Older cats welcome a leg up reaching beds, chairs or higher perches. Our entire Cat Wisdom 101 kitty testing team has a paws down favorite. We used the three nesting pieces as “stairs’ to everyone’s favorite heating pad window perch.  Domino’s favorite new lounging spot is the top “stair”. Merlin loves having another step stool and oh boy, I think we need to get another one for the bed!

cats-scratch n shapes-giveaway

You can win one for your kitty by leaving a comment and liking us on Facebook. We will announce the winner tomorrow. The winner will also win two Lickety Stiks. The tasty treats have 250 licks per bottle and only 1 calorie per lick. Odin went nuts for the turkey flavor. The rollerball stick is convenient for use as a reward for training. If you already entered the earlier giveaway you can enter again for an extra chance. Good Luck! Thank-you for your support during our hiatus. We survived the storm but have a few new gray hairs and whiskers!

57 thoughts on “Scratch ‘n Snooze – Giveaway”

  1. My kitties are asking Santa for new scratching posts. What a great Christmas surprise for the kitties if I could win this. I have four cats – one is a 20-pounder – who would love to have a Santa surprise.

  2. I think my older cat with diabetic neuropathy would be able to get up onto the bed by using this. And I’m sure the other cats would love it, too!

  3. My cats seem to prefer the cardboard scratchers over any other type. I haven’t seen these in the stores yet. Would love to try them.

  4. we love Imperial Cat scratchers at our house. they’re sturdy and shed less than most cardboard scratchers, and look better too. one of the cats in our house is a tiny, feral orange tabby named Lexi, and she thinks that this particular set is about the greatest thing ever. she loves both napping and scratching on the biggest one…not sure where she’s going to nap when she scratches all the way through, which she’s getting close to doing!

  5. My kitties would be thrilled to win this! Georgy and Annie especially; he likes to lounge around and she loves a horizontal scratcher. 🙂

  6. odin…say it iznt sew buddy…KNOT TURKEE……

    hope ewe N yur familee haza awesum week oh end, best as ya can, N hope stuffs will be gettin bak ta normal soon…..

    peace out N rock on, long live trout !

  7. My kitty Muggins would love this to cheer him up. His brother died recently and he has been moping around every since. Thanks for the great contest.

  8. So glad you made it through Sandy without too much damage. Mother Nature can be a real XXXXX at times, can’t she?

    We’re very excited to have a chance to win the Scratch and Snooze. My kitties would love to give this a good home with plenty of attention! The Licky Stiks sound intriguing: I want to try clicker training, and maybe they would help. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

    Stay warm and dry!

  9. We’d love to win.
    I bought several Lickety Stix for my three cats. Two of my cats absolutely love it. The label says only one calorie for twenty licks so it’s a pretty good treat for my slightly tubby Gracie. She licks so fast I have a hard time counting!

  10. My cat would love this scratcher. She’s always looking for something to stretch out on so I bet it would get a lot of use.

  11. Wow!! My kittys would love these! I have 9 cats and i cannot begin to tell you how fast they go through these! We also went through Hurricane Sandy,and although we didn’t lose everything,i lost quite a bit. I hope my kitties win!

  12. The “Scratch and Snooze” is an awesome and very practical idea that I’m sure “Patriarch” Puffin would not only enjoy but find them very useful to assist him in scaling his sleeping and his hiding box. (No soft beds for this tough ‘ole man!) We just discovered that Puffin,age 14 has some pretty good arthritis going on in his back hips and legs. This was discovered when Puffin told me that he was no longer going to the basement to use the liter box (after 14 years). We offered him a different sleeping box but it was unacceptable and he continues to have difficulty getting in his favorite. “Sleep and Snooze” seems to be the perfect answer! Thanks for thee great idea!

  13. I would donate this to my favorite shelter the Forever Home Feline Ranch – we have several older cats and they would love this scratcher. I like that it is eco friendly. Thanks for the opportunity.

  14. Would love to win this for my older kitty who has a hard time getting up where she wants to go sometimes! Thanks for the chance 🙂

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