Pet Blog Awards Season

cat-pettie-award-winner- quote-star-light-bright-wishThis is Merlin, dreaming of winning an award or crown or world domination.

In a few short years, pet blogging has grown leaps and bounds with an astounding array of blogs. There are personal pet diaries, educational blogs on health and behavior, humorous showcases from cartoons to costumes, pet pop culture, style, causes, advice columnists and everything in between.

To honor the best of the best, sponsors the Pettie awards. These awards are considered the Oscars of the pet blogosphere and a fierce lobbying for votes is not unlike the awards season in Hollywood. Bloggers ask their readers, fans and family to nominate them. Votes are tallied and the nominees then go through a second round of asking, cajoling, pleading for votes. There are eight categories that you, dear reader can choose to vote for, from best overall pet blog to best cause-related blog.

The winners all receive a $1000 donation to the animal shelter of their choice.

I’m thrilled that six nominees are on my blogroll and several are friends. TwoΒ  I’ve interviewed (more coming). Click on the Reviews & Interviews category in the sidebar to view. That’s where it gets a bit sticky. I want them all to win but they can’t. What I will mention are are all my front runners. They are all excellent nominees for their category. In alphabetical order they include:Catsparella, Conscious Cat, Covered In Cat Hair, I Have Cat, Mr. Puddy, Sparkle Cat and Zee and Zoey. I have not included any dog blogs. I love dogs but ultimately my loyalty is to cats, because we all know, they rock and rule.

I love cats. I love the cat community and I will working my tail off all year to make Cat Wisdom 101 excellent enough to be nominated next year.

Pet blog award season is fierce. Voting is on until July 29th and you can vote up to twice per day. The link below will take you the site and includes links to every nominated blog. Voting is easy peasy. The winners will be announced on August 26 at an awards banquet at the BlogPaws conference in Tyson’s Corner Virginia. You know I’m rooting for cat bloggers to dominate, but may the best bloggers win!

20 thoughts on “Pet Blog Awards Season”

  1. Furry Kisses to You xxx Thank you for mention !!!
    I just hope everyone keep voting, Like Sparkle said ” You can vote for us everyday ” and whoever you click to vote, It’s all for Shelter !! ” We are all competitor, but we have the same heart ” We love cats ! ” and the shelter deserved it !


  2. Thanks so much for the mention! I agree – it is hard to vote because I am friends with just about ALL the cat bloggers that are up for awards! Since we can vote every day, I am actually switching my votes around so I can vote for everyone.

  3. Thank you so much for your support, Layla – it’s exciting to be part of such an amazing group of bloggers, and I’ve been fortunate to have met more than half of them in person.

    There is not a single doubt in my mind that you will be a multiple nominee next year.

    1. I’m thrilled that you were nominated in two categories. You’re right; it’s an amazing group and let’s keep doing what we love.

  4. Hi, I know some of the people nominated and have been voting. I had no idea that pet blogging was so popular!!! And I agree, cats rule, but then they don’t need us to flag that up! >^,,^<

    Caro xx

  5. Cats rule! Yes! What a great post! Had no idea the pet blogs were SOOO popular. Yes, dogs are nice, but alas, they do not purr, and cats are just GODS.

  6. Layla –

    As the human author to Zee and Zoey’s blog, we are so honored to have your support and are happy to say that many of your choices are our friends as well. There is such a wealth of talent out in the pet related blogosphere and so many deserving candidates. A real nail biter to say the least!

    Next year will be even more exciting, as we are certain that Cat Wisdom will be a fan favorite for sure!

    Gorgeous picture of Merlin… purr-fectly suited for his name. Thanks for the great post and have a wonderful day! And yes, cats do rule!

    Deb Barnes

  7. What a way cool picture of Merlin – very magical and mystical looking as is fit for a king. No doubt you will be nominated next year Layla – this is a very beautifully done site to showcase your “kids” and share lots of good information.

  8. Fabulous front-runners…4 that you mentioned are my friends as well, I follow every one that you mentioned except for one. I agree, all are excellent blogs in their categories. I have a strong feeling that you will be a formidable contender next year πŸ™‚

    1. Caren, I agree, we have some strong contenders and it’ll be a tight race. Thanks for your words of encouragement!

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