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Layla Morgan Wilde Tells All On The Purrrcast Podcast

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Layla Morgan Wilde Tells All On The Purrrcast Podcast



Full confession: I didn’t understand what podcasts were all about until last year. Then all of sudden, they seemed to be everywhere and I understood their charms. I discovered the top three pet podcasts according to Oprah included The Purrrcast and found it cat lover catnip. So much so, I ended up interviewing Sara Iyer one of the co-hosts. She has a black cat, Samba whom we featured. I’m naturally chatty and joked about starting a podcast with a girlfriend months ago. That’s up in the air but you can listen to me yak at length with Sara and her co-host Steven Ray Morris today. It was recorded a few weeks ago just before my digital detox began and sorely in need of a vacation.

I really do tell all for better or worse on episode 144 on The Purrrcast.

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The Purrrcast is often recorded on location from people’s homes but since they’re in L.A. we did it on the phone not unlike some radio interviews I’ve done (remind me to post about that) but way more unstructured and relaxed. Think chatting with a good friend over coffee. They did an awesome podcast at the Cat Lounge cat cafe as did last week’s episode with Peter Cohen of Cat by Zen and best known for his amazing home designed for his 24 cats. Read our interview with cat man Peter Cohen.

What’s different about podcasts vs. radio?

  • Podcasts tend to be very niche and aren’t broadcasting to a wide net.
  • Radio is more random. You may tune in at any point but you tune in at the beginning with a podcast. You can fast forward if you like.
  • Podcasts have the flexibility of time. They can be short but or super chatty and long.
  • Radio is here and gone but podcasts are forever. The episodes are archived and can be accessed any time.

What I love about listening to podcasts is you can multi-task while listening from driving, cooking or cleaning the litter box. But these days, what’s more meaningful is simply listening. Get comfy on the couch or snuggle with your cat in bed eyes closed to give your eyes a rest from digital screens and your hands from endless tapping and swiping. And yes, my digital detox continues but I feel like I’ve barely made a dent.

It may be Kind to Animals Month but please be kind to your own sweet self.

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