It’s Odin the One-eyed Cat’s 4th Birthday & You’re Invited!

Hello dear friends, it’s me Odin and guess what? It’s my birthday, well it was yesterday but the yellow-haired woman celebrated our 3rd blog anniversary instead. Is that fair? No. Is it fair that I lost my eye during my unfortunate youth in the Bronx? Is it fair countless sweet kitties languish in cages or worse? Life isn’t fair and we must enjoy what we have when we have it. How about right now? If you can help cats, then go ahead, do what you can. Even the smallest kind of kindness and goodness makes a difference. They add up just like a drops of water filling a glass. For my birthday I make the same wish every year…

Odin 4th birthday cat-cat wisdom 101

My life started out badly but I got lucky when I got adopted. So now I get to have luxuries like BIRTHDAY PARTIES! Did you know June is Adopt-a-Cat Month® from the American Humane Association.and Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month from the ASPCA. Spread the love and share. Now, let’s get this party started! I like low key parties, nothing fancy with good old-fashioned natural fun. Make yourself comfortable. You don’t need to wear a party hat and go can go a little wild. I won’t tell your pawrents. Okay, maybe not wild like my crazy uncle Norbert.

funny niptini cat

My fur bros, Domino and Merlin think I’m a bad boy. My bro Gris Gris who is OTRB does not think so. What do you think?

cat birthday bad boys

And hey, two of my female, feline blogger friends have the same birthday. Go visit my pretty gal pal Crepes at Catinthefridge (she could use some cheering up) and the scrumptius Truffles at Truffles and Brulee

vintage cat birthday party

My dear friend Sammy made me a super nice card. He’s an experienced cat scout and will be preparing our campfire and rotisserie delicacies.

birthday card cat odin

And if there are any sissies who aren’t satisfied with freshly caught trout and roasted voles, there are some fancy pants Hello Kitty catnip cookies.

hello kitty catnip cookies-cat birthday

54 thoughts on “It’s Odin the One-eyed Cat’s 4th Birthday & You’re Invited!”

  1. Happy Birthday Odin! Wow what a party and so much fun for everyone. THis is a lovely post and Mum is sat here smiling like a craxy thing 🙂

    Harvey Button, Miranda and Silver

  2. with one “I” or “2” “Is” Odin, you are just fantastic . love all the art. just got back from, ATL and so tired

  3. Happy birthday Odin, I hope you had a great day! I’m trying to make your birthday wish come true for a mama cat, her 4 kittens and her brother that I found living in my yard. Send some wishes their way!

      1. It’s a long story…I found Mama, her brother Otto, and their mom living under my shed late last fall. So yes they technically are feral but they looked pretty young to me when I found them. I’m a sucker and I started feeding them and gave them heated boxes to live in etc. I fully intended to trap them and get them spayed/neutered but life gets in the way sometines! About 2 months ago I started to notice that Mama was looking a bit bulky, so I finally got my act together and got a trap and got her and Otto on the same night after almost 2 weeks of trying! I moved them to a partially finished room in my basement (with heat) and started to try and bond with them. Otto slowly came around and I can pet him now he is still a bit skittish but has never swatted at me or anything. Mama on the other hand has been in mommy protective mode and has not allowed me to pet her yet but she does eat her food with me close by and does allow me to pick up her babies (born May 1st) now. I’m hoping that she will come around soon. I have 2 cats of my own and can’t have anymore so I’m working on getting the kittens adopted and hopefully can get Mama and Otto adopted together because they are bonded. I dont want to put put them back outside after all this work, it’s too dangerous out there…wish me luck!

  4. HAPPY,HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the handsomest manly man cat we know!!!! We share in your wish and hope it comes true!!
    Thank you for sharing yourspecial day andyour goodies with us .
    We luv you guys!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig and Peanut and Romeo >^..^<

  5. Happy birthday, Odin! You sure did a great job finding yourself a home. We love your birthday wish for all cats to find forever happy homes is wonderful. Big hugs, pal, and wishes for many many happy years yet to come.

  6. Happy birthday, Odin! Thank you so much for the shout out! I really appreciate it! So exciting that we share a birthday. Does that mean, you know, we’re a LOVE match? -Crepes.

  7. DOOD!!! stoppin by with best fishes, mice creem dishes, N happee birthday wishes….hope ewe haza sooooper grate fun filled day…happee 4th ♫♫♪♪♪♫♫♫ and heerz ta 44 mor ….mommas boy:) hope de next yeer brings ewe happee nezz and health and a pail of fishin werms everee day…ENJOY !!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  8. Happy Birthday, Odin! Wishing you lots of good things on your birthday, and everyday. You were so lucky when you picked your home, you couldn’t have found a better one. And Happy Birthday to the other birthday kitties too!

  9. A Great Big Happy Birthday to you Odin.
    Great cards you have and all those delicious
    looking Hello Kitty Cookies!! Yum Yum

  10. Happy birthday, Odin!! We do hope your wish will come true 🙂 Glad you’ve found the wonderful home and family to celebrate your special day together. Love that Be Bad birthday card. Hahaha. Hello Kitty catnip cookies are so pretty. Have a wonderful day xoxo

  11. I hope it’s a MORE than fabulous birthday for you Odin my pal ! I hope your brothers pay you your due too and let you be the wild boy for a day (or more) that you are….The cookies are scrumptious and I was happy you allowed me the honor of being in charge of the grilling for your pawty!!!

    May you have tons more happy days ahead my friend……..
    Hugs, Sammy

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