winter male shelter cat
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#NYShelterCats: Adopt Winter This Spring

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As much as I love volunteering at the New RochelleHumaneSociety, I love seeing empty cages more. It means the cats were adopted but every shelter needs to expect the unexpected. It’s kitten season and plus a fellow evicted from his apartment couldn’t take his eleven cats. I don’t know what happened to the man but his cats found shelter. A few were in very poor condition, all frightened but most will be adoptable. And so the cages and cage-free areas are filling up once more.

During the winter a dirty, white cat was found wandering in the area. I happened to be there shortly after his intake and thought surely an older cat like Winter would have loving home. Perhaps he did but no owner has come forward and the all white boy, who is about 10 needs a home. He’s gentle but assertive and eagerly jumps out of his cage for a good sniff and snoop of every nook and cranny. I wouldn’t call him frisky but can envision him sitting on the sofa watching Mad Men or a baseball game. He’s a fairly big guy and sedentary cage life is making him more portly.That and a touch of melancholia. Check out Winter’s Petfinder profile and photo which seems to say, “How on Earth did I get here?”

We all know older cats are less adoptable but did you know white cats as almost as as difficult to place as black cats? Let’s increase Mr. Winters’ chances of happy sunset years ahead. Please share.

winter male shelter cat



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