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Mondays With Yoga Cat Merlin

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Namaste, dear ones. It’s me, Merlin and just when you think there is nothing new, there is. In my 20.5 years, my mom Layla has never, ever seen me in this pose. Then again, I’ve never been this skinny. I’m breathing, purring and ecstatic about the summer hot weather. Life is an up and down seesaw though. In our garden, as the cherry blossoms turning snowy pink to green and all the trees popped over the weekend to a canopy of green, I’m transforming too. I’m moving slowly inch by inch to sniff out other worlds of consciousness. Kind of a preliminary scouting expedition to the other side. You could call it the Rainbow Bridge but I’m just inhabiting a different kind of energy. Other times I’m sharper and more lucid than in years. One day I’m pissing Niagara Falls on the bed, the next day I’m fine. Cats are good at keeping the human on their toes and I’m a master of keeping them en pointe as they say in ballet.

Another new thing I never thought would happen is Domino is joining me and Layla for lap time as she writes in bed. For four years, since giving up his feral ways, Domino was a daddy’s boy lap cat and now this sudden, new outpouring of affection is telling.The lesson of the day is: expect the unexpected and breathe…

merlin cat yoga tip

And while you’re at it, do a happy dance like Domino just because you can.

Cherry blossoms cat happy dance


  • Tamago

    That’s a very cute pose, Merlin. You look quite comfortable 🙂
    How nice Domino has begun to join you and Layla for lap time. I love this kind of unexpected thing!

  • Bev Green

    Merlin i think you are indeed finding the scouting expeditions interesting..cats are so much better at being curious about the unknown than us humans who can be very much a flat plane seeker..i am sure that the realms you are visiting are offering much insight.perhaps Domino seeks to learn from you..loves Fozziemum xxx

  • Skeeter And Izzy

    Those that are connected by the many colored threads of life reach out to those that hold the other end of that gossimer thread. Domino is connected by two of those threads. Cats feel those delicate connections far better than most.
    Merlin, we wish you well on your continued journey. We love you dear one ansd send you purrs and prayers everyday and we do for all thaty have a need.

    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo >^..^<

  • Penelope

    That is one of my favorite poses when mes laying in the sun on the back deck. Summer is coming and mes can’t wait. Mes LOVES the 90 degree weather. Wes does lose weight when wes older, mes is holding steady at 5 pounds and mes sleeping 23 out of 24 hours. I have not been having as many potty accidents since the weather got nicer, but mes still yackking up everyday…especially if mes goes down to the grass and has a nibble. Glad to hear yous and Domino is lap sharing. It is always comforting to has a sibling close. Mes likes Kozmo.
    Mes sure looking forward to seeing yous on Friday
    Purr as much as you breath, Love as long as you live is now my new motto!
    Special Kisses
    Nellie Bellie

  • The Feline Contingent

    Meow Mr. Merlin,

    We are furry happy to hear you are still with us doing kitty yoga and keeping your humans on their toes. Do you have a good quality of life? Do you need a nurse cat to teleport over and take care of you? Miss Tina Marie and I are both available.

    Purrs & Gentle Headbonks,
    Lilith Kitten Mahoney & Miss Tina Marie, Nurse Kitties
    The Feline Contingent
    (in a rare moment of agreement)

  • Sammy

    Merlin, you are “Mr. Flexible” now – I too have lost enough weight that my tummy is no longer keeping me from the “bobby pin pose” as Mom says…..being flexible is the name of the game as we age isn’t it? We’re open to whatever comes – sometimes kicking and screaming and sometimes gracefully acknowledging that there is more to come and we might be close to seeing what that may be. I send you energy, light, and love……….as we enter the next season of our live. You are our Magical Merlin……………….

    Love, Sammy

  • Angel Ms. Phoebe's Mum & Fur sibs

    Your joints are as amazingly flexible as your insights on the world wise nephew. It comforts me to see you so happy and taking each day as it comes, nothing could be a better way to spend ones remaining time in this phase of life.
    I think Domino is an intuitive boy who’s love for Mom and brother has him reaching out to show his devotion and desire to offer needed comfort.This is the kind of behavior I love hearing about when it comes to formerly feral kitties as my own former feral boy Kaspars never ceases to amaze me, even after almost 12 years he’s been a member of the family.
    This only serves as further proof how much these cats who others view as worthless, throwaways need and crave love just as much as any other cat.

  • easy rider

    I like your feline tip, Merlin and I like that Domino is on your and your mommas side now.. and I like that you write your post on the best place ever… like me LOL

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