A Purrfect Earth Day

It’s Earth Day and we’re celebrating Mancat Monday style! Hope your Earth Day is Purrfect!

earth day-cats-quote- april 22-purrfect

This Mondays With Merlin on Monday is about celebrating Earth Day However, Merlin thought celebrating only one day of the year day absurd. He said every day is Earth Day for cats. Do your cats agree?

This is an old photo of Merlin before being diagnosed with kidney. He was a chunky 16 pounds and now is half that but still believes in carpe diem.

earth day-quote-carpe diem-cats-merlin











Domino takes Earth Day literally by communing with earth.

earth day-cats






Gris Gris loves all things green.

Earth day-cat-go green

earth day-cats-quote










Odin would spend 90% of his time out in nature if he could. He loves the feel of grass under feet and a good roll in the dirt.

How will you celebrate Earth Day this year?

25 thoughts on “A Purrfect Earth Day”

  1. Being “green” one day a year does no good if all the other days aren’t either. So, yes, of course we agree! After so many years of Earth Days, its a little depressing how much work there is still to do.

  2. Doods! We agree! And uh, Domino…that’s one white underbelly! We kinda expected it to be all brown from the dirt ‘n’ stuff. Allie sure did go from grey to brown real fast in honor of today (rollin’ rollin’ rollin’…)!

  3. Carpe Diem or is it Carpe Felis Catus? MOL Happy Earth Day Every Day!!!Luvs Skeeter ans Izzy >^..^<

  4. AWESUM pick sures guys…pleez ta roll in sum dirt for uz coz we iz knot a loud out side…we get ta roll
    on de garage floor N it just aint de same !!! happee earth day everee one !!

  5. Happy Earth Day! Great day to honor and appreciate everything around us.

    Piggy kisses,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  6. Sam and I agree about every day being an earth day….or at least it SHOULD be….your boys certainly look like they enjoy the great outdoors! That’s a grand old photo of Merlin – big smile on his face…….

    Happy Earth Day all!
    Hugs, Pam and Sam

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