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domino peace globe blogger

Bloggers from over 200 countries are participating today with one voice and one message: global peace. We are four cats adding our purrs for peace because we believe “peace and love” is more than a cliche.  Visit Mimi Lenox and her blog who began this annual event in 2006.

Peace, love and purrs are universal and eternal. Please share the message, Pin the images and let the world know

peace is possible. Change happens, one person and one purr at a time.

Peacefully yours,

Merlin, Gris Gris,Domino and Odin

Gris gris- peace cat quote-#blog4peace

31 thoughts on “Cats #Blog4Peace”

  1. This made me smile so much! How awesome is that???!!
    You are one of my favorite peace bloggin’ cats. Now go forth and purr….lol

    Peace to you and yours,

  2. We are always adding our Purrs and Prayers for Peace for All living beings everywhere.
    Luvs to All
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Peanut and Twig >^..^<

  3. For today, me is quoting Jimi Hendrix – When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.
    Mes LOVES your Peace Globe!

  4. We here are all purring for world peace.
    My dream since I can remember.
    Listen close, you may hear us, I have so many unlost kitties now!!

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