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Mancat Monday and Cat Mom Birthday

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Odin: We’re celebrating! It’s our mom, Layla’s birthday. Well, actually it’s tomorrow but we have the day off. Apparently she’s turning 39 again! Since I’m Layla’s favorite mama’s boy, I go first. Like my card? She loves Paris and I want to say Je t’aime mama beaucoup!

Gris Gris: Who let that young whippersnapper sneak in first? The nerve! Is it my imagination or is our mom beginning to look more like a cat?

Domino: Well she already thinks like cat…

Merlin: Good point, Domino, I’m blind but I think I felt some whiskers on her face.

Odin: You guys! Did you get her a present? I got her a fat little mousie.

Layla-cat mom-birthday

Gris Gris: I forgot. Anyway, she doesn’t need anything.

Domino: I made this photo for her phone.

cat wisdom 101 cats

Odin: How come I’m not in it?

Merlin: You were too busy mousing. And anyway she has everything she needs.

Odin: What’s that?

Merlin, Gris Gris and Domino: Our love!

Odin: You’re forgetting one more thing. A vote for the Petties! Only 2 more days left!

Merlin: And share far and wide. Pettie Award Voting Link

Birthday wishes-vintage cats-pettie awards








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