Meet #AdorablesAdoptables Litter Loving Bobby

There are many reasons why someone surrenders a cat to a shelter. Litter box issues is one of them. Inappropriate litter box use usually means the cat is not using the litter box. They may eliminate nearby or use the litter for urination but defecation or vice versa. Then there are cats like this week’s shelter #AdorableAdoptables Bobby who likes litter a little too much. He doesn’t eat it. He likes to roll around in it.

Bobby cat-NRHS #adorableadoptables

If a litter box is kept very clean it’s no big deal. With Bobby, we’ll never know if his messy ways irritated his former owner. Maybe they left him alone all day and didn’t play with him. He plays with his food but shelter cats often do this out of boredom. Like many tuxies, he’s highly intelligent and if not stimulated with play and an enriched environment, he’ll be bored. How could he not be? He’s in a cage without much playtime. When taken out to play his bright curiosity takes over but he prefers to play alone. He’s hissed at all the nearby cats and I’d prefer to see him in a home as a solo cat. He’s a handsome boy with a distinct hourglass spot on his nose and immaculate white socks.

Why Cats Like Rolling in Litter

1) Bathing

My outdoor cats love a good dirt bath or dust bath. It feels good and when they lick themselves dust-free, they’re ingesting helpful bacteria. As long as it’s not a daily compulsive disorder, it’s normal and natural. For cats deprived of sensory variety like many caged shelter cats it offers a respite from boredom.

2) Itching

The texture of most cat litter will act as a “back scratcher” to provide relief from occasional itching. Itching can also be soothed by grooming with a suitable brush or comb. If the itching is more frequent or intense, there may allergies, a skin disorder, a wound or abrasion,fleas or other source of the itching. When in doubt, see a veterinarian.

3) Marking Territory

When living with multiple cats, there needs to be about one litter box per cat to avoid territorial marking. Some cats will pee or spray to mark their turf but others like to roll around in the litter. Cats have scent glands located on their cheeks, lips, chin, above their eyes, base of their tail, near their sex organs and between their front paw pads. When they roll around, they are able leave traces of their scent marking it as their own. We can’t smell it but other cats clearly can. With bonded groups, it may be acceptable but it’s easier to have more boxes in a variety of locations.

4) Litter Attractant

Some cats enjoy certain scented litter boxes. It’s a personal preference and yet most cats prefer unscented litter. There cat litters with attractants or products to add to a litter to make it more appealing. The additives are designed to attract the cat to use the litter box in cases of inappropriate litter box use. Some cats go overboard and are too attracted rolling in it the ways cats do if catnip is sprinkled on the ground.

In Bobby’s case, I suspect it’s a combo of boredom and territory. The box in the photo belonged to another cat temporarily housed in the room but not caged. As soon as he finished his roll around, he sauntered over and gave me a mega bunting head butt, scent marking me too.

Bobby is a perfect example of a healthy, normal cat who needs physical and mental stimulation. Give a home with a variety of places to nap, perch and hide, a person to play with daily and he’ll be happy. For more about Bobby, visit New Rochelle Humane Society 

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19 thoughts on “Meet #AdorablesAdoptables Litter Loving Bobby”

  1. Bobby is adorable…and indeed i would say a combo of scent marking and play..indeed all cats are individuals an he is clearly expressing himself..a big cardboard box with litter in it or sand for him to roll in would be no different to providing a different toy…so if he was mine that is what i would do…and i bet in a loving home he would soon stop using it as he felt more settled ..good luck sweet Bobby..pee ess some of my girls habits leave a lot to be desired and i love em just the same 🙂 hugs and loves Fozziemum xxxx

  2. Bobby is so cute. I hope he gets adopted soon. Our Nicky never rolled around in his box but he’d bat his turds onto the floor and play hockey with them. And, yes, tuxies are very intelligent.

  3. Hey, we all have our quirks. We hope this handsome boy meets someone that appreciates that in a guy!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo >^..^<

  4. dood….we hopes ya finds that for evers home & yur in it N rollin round ta yur hearts con tent by 9/12 ~~~


  5. I would like to take a litter bath with you Bobby. I hope someone who likes this baths and who loves you will bring you home soon. You are a supercute guy, I like your white paws

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