My Big Fat Tuesday Giveaway

In honor of Fat Tuesday we’re celebrating Mardi Gras with a big fat Tuesday giveaway from with a prize pack valued at over $100.00. wisdom

Odin is our most demanding tester and sniffed out the goods. luxury carrier- cat
A Curvations luxury pet carrier/retreat and a Booda Balance ball. It’s a good thing he can’t read because the box says: ideal for dogs. Odin is a large and long 12 pounds and found the pet bed a sweet retreat. As a carrier, I’d recommend it for a smaller cat or a small dog. It’s well made, with ventilation on all four sides. If used only as a carrier, its ingenious design folds and zips up flat for storage saving space. carrier- cat wisdom 101-curvations

In any case, Odin was more interested in the other pink item with feathers. What cat doesn’t like to catch bird or two?

Odin gets more exercise and inter-active play than the average cat but many cats don’t which can lead to obesity. Fat cats aren’t cool but the Booda® Balancing Ball is. Its interactive design is ideal for bringing out kitty’s mighty hunter with the rolling ball, jingle bell and attached bird-like toy.

Odin tested. Odin approved. To win, simply leave a comment in this post anytime before midnight March 5. The winner will be announced on March 6.  For extra chances to win, subscribe to Cat Wisdom 101, like our Facebook page and social media share.

53 thoughts on “My Big Fat Tuesday Giveaway”

  1. I dyed my little chapparra pink (safely of course) 4 halloween & shes still a light pink. She was the pink panther. This carrier would b soooo perfect 4 her. This is such a great website, we <3 it!!!!!!

  2. This is the cutest carrier ever and in my favorite color too!!! My baby would love to be toted around in this.


  3. This would be perfect for my cats or my dog. If Odin says it’s the way to travel, then I would love to see if my spoiled babies agree. It is a beautiful carrier and I would love to add it to my pet friendly family!! 🙂

  4. Leonardo (the cat) and his exiled New Orleans mom (me) think that would be riding in style; laissez les bons temps rouler!

    margueritecore [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com

  5. Happy Mardi Gras to you too! We hope you had a fun time! That’s a great give away & we would love to be entered in it. We need all the exercise we can get. Thanks, you are the best!

  6. Oh My Cat! Allie’s having Pink Palpitations over here at the Booda Pink Feather Top and the Pink Carrier!
    Of course WE had to point out the doggie in the picture (she was too Preoccupied by all the Pink to notice) but she said she’d make Mommy lysol it just in case she wins so there are no dog cooties on it. (Allie’s sooooooooo weird!)

  7. These are adorable!and fun!and fantastic! We would be so excited to win we could overlook the picture of the oversized rat….errrr dog on the package. What better way to get in Mardi Gras mood than with bright colors and feathers!
    Purrs and big kitty kisses Skeeter and Izzy >^%^< (Mardi Gras eyes)

  8. i think my little fluff cat would be the one out of my 3 girls that would fit in the carrier… it would match her petite pink nose. 🙂 the others would have a field day with the feathers though… 🙂

  9. all my kitties would love these, my own and the ones I foster. great giveaway and my kitties don’t mind the dog!!

  10. Hi There, oh my goodness, Jazzy Lady would LOVE this pink carrier. It reflects her character SO well. A special carrier for a special kitty lady. 🙂

  11. I’d love to win this for my, ahem, “big-boned” foster fail kitty Zanzibar. He still can’t leave his isolation room, so a cozy retreat and a fun toy to entertain him would be wonderful!

  12. My two toy dogs and my two cats say they would love playing, snuggling, and retreating with all the things in this Purrrrrrfect give-away. What a wonderful way to celebrate Fat Tuesday.

  13. Well, we would like to win that prize. Looks like a really good one. WE don’t mind a bit having a dog on it. We love our two dogs.Hope all of you have a super day.

  14. Crystal tells me she loves that girly pink retreat …. She’s been a little upset since the D-O-G got a new bed for Valentines Day. She also says she likes that pink bird because she thinks it will be easier to catch then moms cockatiels!

  15. Ernie would certainly looooove it!! He likes hideaways and feathers, but oh well, who doesn’t?? I shared the giveaway on fb and twitter for our friends to see!!

  16. I definitely think that my five kitties, Lily, Abbey, Colleen, Button and Snoopy, would all love to share a new carrier and especially the toy (might have to buy more to keep the peace) 🙂

  17. Wow…even with a “you know what” on the packaging that’s a way cool hideaway! But what I really like is that pink feathery bird thing Odin’s playing with…….now THAT’s my kind of toy!

    Kitty Hugs

  18. What a great giveaway! Allegra and Ruby would love a chance to win. However, they did want me to let you know, even if it lowers their chances of winning, that they object to the photo of the D-O-G :-)on the box.

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