Merlin Rants:Stealing Stinks!

 It’s Mondays with Merlin with me, Merlin a wise old meezer. Today, I’m madder than a wildcat caught in piss fire. It’s bad enough my mom, Layla posted an embarrassing photo of me sniffing Odin’s butt, but worse, someone has been stealing Layla’s photos and posting them to She thinks it kind of funny but I say, naughty naughty.

Sure they’re watermarked but so what? They provide income for Sodahead but nothing for us and worse? The title: Canine sniffing food. OMC, I’m verklempt! Stealing is stealing and stealing stinks. What do you think?

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14 thoughts on “Merlin Rants:Stealing Stinks!”

  1. Short of a gadget that prevents copying photos, there isn’t much you can do. Maybe they’ll see your post & stop. Shame on them! We were surprised at how easy it is to copy or steal a photo – just click & drag. Even our mom could do it!

  2. stealing DOES Stink! Addressing one of the Pinterest comments, whenever I “pin” something on pinterest I also supply the link of the blog where I found it.

    In my opinion, for those who want an increase of traffic by using Pinterest supplying the blog link is fantastic, I know I have sent some people to some blogs that they might not have known about otherwise.

  3. Absolutely NOT cool! Hmmpf… they say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but with your watermark clearly on the image, I don’t agree! It’s a huge subject right now – especilly with sites such as Pinterest that are based on images and sharing them… very hard to determine where they originally came from and who should get the rightful credit…

  4. You tell em Merlin! They’re just being thieves and the really bad part is they aren’t even good enough to call “catburglers”!
    We certainly understand your indignity….and then not even get xtra moola to buy toys with! The nerve!!!!
    We still love you because we understand the whole butt sniffin thang. Purrs and mucho grande luv Skeeter and Izzy >^OO^< (our indignant eyes)

  5. We really don’t like it when that happens. We had that happen to one of our art prints that was going around on Facebook. We have started marking them the way you do for other prints so that at least we will have a link back. There might be some WordPress plugins to keep people from grabbing your photos–I think one leaves a comment like “This person used this photo without permission.” instead of your photo.

  6. Well it definitely is stealing! I think it’s happened quite often to folk. How on earth, though, can one police this? The internet is a practically (and actually) a free-for-all? The CatWisdom101 logo is on the bottom is it? At least you are getting the credit, if not the moolah!

    Merlin, I love it when you rant xox

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