Mr. Cranky Pants Protests

Mondays with Merlin is a forum for an old wise cat like me, Merlin to teach life lessons or shoot the breeze. Sometimes we do both. Kinda like killing two birds with one stone, not that I’ve killed any birds in a dog’s age. We also call it Mancat Mondays because we share the camaraderie of other mancats across the kitty blogosphere. All over the world!

I heard someone called me Mr. Cranky Pants at Cat Saturday.


Sometimes you meet someone and they might seem gruff and even rude. It’s easy to react and think badly of them. Maybe you might be rude yourself or call someone names. I may look cranky because I didn’t want to come inside. I was happy napping on the porch listening to the rain and enjoying the breeze.

Sometimes, I might seem cranky because I’m feeling sad. Last October, my sister Coco, my companion for sixteen years died. Cats do grieve and the arrival of Gris Gris and Odin helped me move forward. I love having company but sometimes, I like to visit Coco’s grave and hang out there. It’s by the old barn and near a path I like to visit most days. Cats live in the moment but we do remember certain things. I know she’s there and I like being there.


So, the next time you someone ticks you off; maybe they’re having a bad day, not feeling well or missing an old friend. That’s my lesson today. Be kind.



13 thoughts on “Mr. Cranky Pants Protests”

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  2. Those are true words of wisdom, Merlin — you’re well-named. We remember when Coco passed, we had been following (lurking) via the mom’s account, before she got us our own. 🙁

  3. Amen!!!!

    and deeply sorry about Coco (ironically that it the nickname my husband calls me) Merlin you have every right to be cranky, although you don’t appear cranky to me at all


  4. Merlin, we have a Cranky Cat here, and he wears his Cranky Pants with pride. It’s OK to just be yourself. We plan on being kind to Mommy tonight and pin her down in bed, purring.

  5. Well, you do look a little cranky in the top photo, Merlin – but at your age, you’ve earned the right to be cranky as far as I’m concerned.

    I’m sorry you still miss Coco. I can see how it would be comforting to be near her grave.

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