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Cats Big Valentine Love

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)


Cats Big Valentine Love
Hello my lovelies! It’s Clyde here for our cats big Valentine love. Really big and cute. Love really is all that matters. Oh, be still my heart. To think I used to look like this kitten 17 years ago but time marches on.
There are mature pleasures for older cats and we aren’t immune to a wee bit of romance. It’s not easy to decide on one special feline.


Our call for Valentines went far and wide but it was a tabby on Instagram that stole my heart. We both have big, round eyes and she fancies an older gent like me so lucky me.
I’m an old-fashioned kind of mancat and I feel I’d win her over with a Victorian card. Her name is Marbles but I’m calling her Miss Marbles to be polite. We found each other on Instagram and her mum is the astounding photographer, Bev Green @FOZZIEMUM
I think we make a nice couple. What do you think?

Cats Big Valentine Love

I’m also thrilled to announce the winner of our custom pet portrait giveaway. So must deciding to do is exhausting and I’m in need of a long luxury nap with savory canapes to revive myself. There were many entries on Instagram at @blackcatsofIG. Our hashtags are gaining steam. #blackcatstellall is over 2000 and #blackcatsofig is over 70,000.
Best of all, is the supportive community of cat lovers. Most are from the U.S. but we’re loving the European cats especially from Italy, Finland, Germany, you name it. We’re a United Nations of cat lovers. Being the curious kind, we like seeing how the kitty lifestyles are different. What they eat, what kinds of cat toys and so on.
At Black Cats of IG we love featuring a Cat of the Day and as part of the prize our giveaway winner is our Cat of the Day today. Lately we’ve featured black cats with a striking eyes but our winner Phoebe has a downcast look. Her sister Nala died a few months ago and has grieved deeply. She’s much loved by her hoomans and fursibs but grieving takes time.
I would know. My sister Tootie died three years ago. We were together for 14 years. It’s a big adjustment but Phoebe is feeling better and will heal as I have. I’m hoping winning our GIVEAWAY brings some light and LOVE to her and her folks at @tabbycatliability
May I present the lovely Phoebe, our Cat Of The Day.

Cat of the day_phoebe

Ready for more love? If you like vintage Valentines we’re sharing a few Layla restored and fiddled with. I insisted on black cats, naturally. Do share one on Pinterest or Facebook or email one to friend you love.



And finally, I must ask: Will you be mine? We’ll be posting other Valentines across social tomorrow but until we meet again,
BIG purrs and LOVE,
Time constraints won’t allow my fursibs to share their Valentines here. Boo. These are challenging times but here’s a pic from last year. So much can happen in one year. Be kind and love yourself as much as you love your cats.

Valentine_catscat wisdom 101


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