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Mondays With Merlin: Cats Smile For Sugar The Dog

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

It’s Merlin here for an extra sweet Monday. You want to know who likes dogs? I do. Just because we don’t have any chez Cat Wisdom 101, doesn’t mean we don’t like them. I’ve always been friendly to dogs especially in my younger days. When we lived in Canada, there was a black lab I quite fancied. Anyway, we’re big advocates for senior pet adoption and a senior doggie pal of ours, Sugar is turning 14 today! Sugar the Golden Retriever has an awesome blog and I have to admit I was impressed with her surfing skills. I may have to wait for my next life to try those moves. Meanwhile, we’re joining her SMILE Pawty Blog Hop to celebrate her birthday. Cats and dogs don’t smile like humans do but we smile in our own way. Cats smile more quietly with a purr and dogs smile more loudly with their tails.

Do you believe smiles are the universal language of love?

Merlin cat quote smile


My mom, Layla has met Sugar and her mom a number of times including at the PetSafe Summit last year where this shot was taken. She loved actually spent more time hanging with the dog bloggers than the cat bloggers. One of them, our friend Gina of Oz the Terrier claims, Layla has a lot of dog in her because of her honesty and has no patience for cattiness. Well, vive la difference as the French say, all four-legged friends are our friends. Happy Birthday dear Sugar! May it be Golden.


Most cats have a different kind of humor than dogs. The cats I know have a droll sense of humor with a hint of snark. This is our modern version of an early turn of the century LOL cat our Odin always chuckles over. I say, vive la difference as my French doggie friend Easy would say. All four-legged friends are welcome here as long as you don’t pee on the rug.



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