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Mondays With Merlin: Behind The Purple Door

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Merlin, here on another Monday and happy to be alive. Mind you, I was not thrilled to go to the vet. AND I have some shocking news (see the last photo). The best thing about our mobile vet is he comes to our house but when I got suddenly sick two weeks ago, I had to go to another vet. The meds helped and your good wishes, but I had to go back to have my blood and urine checked again. Layla whisked me into the cozy kitty sack for some fresh air on the porch. She thought she could fool me into thinking la, la, la, here we go from here into the Sleepypod for travel…

Merlin cat sleepy sack

Merlin cat-vet-Sleepypod

Well, hello, I wasn’t born yesterday. I know a pet carrier when I see it (yeah I now I’m blind) even a fancy pants one like a Sleepypod. I hate being trapped in anything smaller than the state of Texas but at least the top zipped open for my head to stick out. Did I mention, I hate going to the vet? I made my peeps know by repeating myself every five seconds. Loudly. Yeah, nothing wrong with these old, meezer lungs.


Twelve endless minutes later, we arrived at the place with the purple door. How bad could a place with a fun, purple door with a neko cat door knocker?

Merlin-vet -sleepypod-#cats

merlin-holistic vet-cats

A purple waiting room awaited me but wait, I had to wait under a DOG painting? Thank COD there weren’t any real ones. Before you could say examination, the vet was poking and podding me but she was so optimistic I decided to show my most stoic side. They said I was a very good patient and I didn’t wail until I was back in the car.



And you can believe I was loud and not only because I’m going to see a dental specialist but because my peeps met some new cats! One of them caught Layla’s eye. Okay, nothing happened yet in the adoption department but I suspect there is some fostering in our future. Stay tuned…

But who will adopt me?

 B & W cat adoption



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