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Merlin Week: Celebrating 20 Years of Cat Love

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Merlin cat 20th birthday

Update: Our apologies for our site being down for most of the day.

Wow, we did it! Or should we say Merlin did it. It’s not every day a cat reaches the BIG 2-0. Merlin turns 20 officially on Oct. 2 but we’re celebrating Merlin Week all week. This is Merlin at 8 weeks and for almost twenty years he’s given me more fun, more joy than I could have ever predicted.



Never wild or kittenish, Merlin exuded a wise, Buddha nature from an early age radiating benevolence and charisma. Everyone who met him fell under his spell. He was my teaching assistant and gracious host ushering guests, clients and students up and down stairs, to and from the front door. His gregarious nature extended to the feral colony I fed in the backyard and when I launched the Annex Cat Rescue, he become the mascot. Volunteers would sit in my living room making catnip toys to sell with Merlin snooperverising their handiwork. Advocating for the less fortunate has always come naturally to him.

I’m lucky to have a few of his kitten pics but I didn’t meet him until he was 9 months old and not neutered yet. His wise, old soul spoke through his enormous blue eyes.

siamese-kitten-merlin-cat wisdom 101

I felt an immediate connection but circumstances prevented my adoption of him and his sister Coco. On Oct. 1, 1995, on the eve of their first birthday they arrived from a shelter. We’ve rarely been apart and Merlin was a devoted brother to Coco until she passed in Sept. 2010.

Merlin began blogging at Mancat Mondays and Mondays with Merlin on May 30, 2011. Dispensing his sly wit and wisdom in words, images and quotes, he’s racked up over 200 posts. This was his first post and photo quote.

What better way to begin the week than wisdom from Merlin, the wise old boy himself? Like a fine wine or cheese, he keeps getting better with age.


Merlin had indeed ripened with age and continues to inspire me every day and hopefully some of our readers, like you!

Merlin 20th birthday-shelter cat fund

We’ll be doing crowdfunding for 20 days in honor of Merlin’s 20 years. If you can contribute, please do. If not, will you consider sharing? We’ll have donation widgets on all our social media pages.


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