Lil BUB Book Giveaway and Exclusive Author Q + A

Lil BUB interview by Layla Morgan Wilde with Mike Bridavsky

It’s not every day you get to meet a feline supernova like Lil BUB so I entered the Penguin offices in Manhattan last week with trepidation. Would she really be as amazing in person as the online photos and videos? Was her cat dad dude Mike Bridavsky a good guy or feline Svengali? After all, she was on a book tour and I’m well aware of media spin. I entered a conference room and there she was sitting on the table, her larger than life eyes locked onto mine and I melted. She crawl-walked over to my pad of paper and proceeded to bat my pen like a hockey puck. She made alien snorfle sounds and Bridavsky said, “She likes you.”

Layla Morgan Wilde- Lil BUB

I could have happily observed her all day but I also studied the man who adopted BUB as a helpless kitten with dwarfism and genetic issues. For much of the interview the affable Mike Bridavsky, an audio engineer with a recording studio cradled the four-pound kitty in his arms which were covered in life-sized tattoos of BUB. I didn’t need to see the giant tattoo of her on his torso to know his devotion is real. They obviously are madly in love with each other and have a shared destiny.

Mike Bridavsky- Lil BUB-

Bridavsky has learned to do a kind of energy healing like Reiki and intuits when she needs to drink water or visit the litter (she needs help with both). During the interview, she would walk around the table or be nestled in her cat dad’s arms in a seamless flow of energy. Nearby a portable cat litter sat near her soft-sided cat carrier which she loves to travel in. And yes, the travel and the public appearances suit her just fine. She has a self-awareness of an evolved being unlike any other cat I’ve met.

Bridavasky now devotes his life to Lil BUB and her world that includes the current book tour of LIL BUBS LIL Book: The Extraordinary Life of the Most Amazing Cat On The Planet, her film and new TV show  which aired last week with special guest Whoopi Goldberg. At the end of the show BUB does a shout-out to a shelter of the week. This week it was Tabby’s Place a cat sanctuary in new Jersey.To view the show, her website and other social media visit her at Lil BUB and our book review by Merlin with fun pics of the book.

It’s clear this spunky cat (with the softest fur I’ve ever touched) is whip smart. I love Grumpy Cat but having met both, BUB wins paws down in the brains department. When they recently shared a bed in a trailer at the Cat Video Festival BUB would have preferred twin beds. BUB isn’t just another pretty face. She has a mission on this planet to make it a better place for cats and teach humans that being different can be better. In her amazing book, you’ll learn why this magical creature is simply out of this world.

Q + A with Layla Morgan Wilde and Lil BUB with a little help from Mike Bridavsky

LIL BUB Layla Morgan Wilde- Mike Bridavsky-001

LMW: How has your life changed since becoming famous?
BUB: Hello it’s me BUB. Well, I’ve always been famous in the universe. But being famous on Earth is a relatively unique experience. For example, because of your abnormally intense gravitational pull, I have to be carried to my book signings, instead of floating there myself. 
LMW:  What is the core message you would like readers to take away from reading your book?
BUB: Do what you want, and do it well. 
LMW: What is your favorite treat? Favorite toy or game?
BUB: You know, as magical as I may seem, my material needs and desires are pretty basic. I have no desire to indulge in treats, although I won’t turn down an occasional dollop of yogurt. And there is something about a peacock feather that makes me want to party.
 LMW: Do you have any special dietary needs since you have no teeth?
 BUB: Believe it or not, cats don’t need teeth to eat dry or wet food. Even space cats like me. Cats are predators, and use their teeth to kill their prey, and tear it apart so it’s small enough to swallow. The pieces of dry kibble that humans feed us are smaller than the pieces of mouse, mole or bird that we would swallow in the wild. Ever notice that when your cat pukes from eating too fast, that most of what comes up is still intact (though quite mushy)? So as a young cat, I enjoyed dry food regularly. But now I do have dietary restrictions since I have urinary health needs. I eat prescription wet food mixed with water to stay well hydrated and keep my pipes clean. 
LMW: Who are your fellow feline siblings and what do they make of your fame?
BUB: My dude has four other cats. Oskar (currently on vacation, apparently), Special Agent Dale Cooper, Vivian, and Josie. They live at his recording studio. They have no idea what fame is, and I’m fairly certain if they did, they wouldn’t care. They’re Earth cats.
LMW: Are you single or do you have any mancat crushes?
BUB: My heart belongs to the only Earth cat worthy of my affections. His name is Smoosh, and he lives about 3 blocks from me. 
 LMW: If you had a kitty bucket list, what would be your top three?
BUB: A large purple bucket, a super tiny green bucket, and a really fancy ornate bucket with magical powers and wi-fi.
LMW: Your cat daddy, Mike Bridavsky has a tattoo of you on his arm and there are more men than ever who love cats. What advice to you have for men who have never had a cat but are thinking of adopting one?
BUB: Hey man, adopt a cat.

Hey cat lovers that’s great advice and Lil BUB shares more wisdom and really cool pics in her book. You can snap one up HERE. Some are photos are so cute you might want to frame them. Like I said: it’s out of this world and two lucky Cat Wisdom 101 will win copies of the little book that packs a big punch of wow.

To enter our Lil BUB Book Giveaway simply leave a comment before 11:59 pm EST September 21, 2013.

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 The winner of our giveaway for Driving With Cats: Ours For a Short Time by is Katnip Krazy. Congratulations! Expect an email from Layla and Cat Wisdom 101

52 thoughts on “Lil BUB Book Giveaway and Exclusive Author Q + A”

  1. Loved the interview! Loved the photos! Loved Bub’s wit! What to say to catless men thinking of adopting?… “Hey man, adopt a cat!” Good job, Bub, dude, and Layla!

  2. Hi Layla! I had the opportunity to meet Bub and her dad in SF on Sept 7, and even though I only got to spend a couple of minutes with them, they were precious minutes, and I can honestly say that the loving and peaceful energy that radiate from them will be something I remember forever.

    I just shared on FB…why? because my friends would expect nothing less from me…I share ‘all things Bub’.

    Many fishes to you!

  3. Would love to win a copy of Lil Bub’s book! I got to see her (on stage that is) with Grumpy Cat at the Cat Video Festival here in MN! So much fun!

  4. Lil Bub really is an inspiration. Wish she was there after I did the Color Run – the colors and positivity of the run reminded me of her.

  5. Hi, Lil BUB and Mike! Yours is such a cool story. Thank you for encouraging adoption. I miss my precious Jade every day but it’s too soon to bring a new furchild home. I know you’ll stay chill and not let the fame go to your head!

  6. My kitty, Habibti, and I love Lil Bub. She and Mike are lucky to have found each other! Hugs from Habibti and TexasPK!

    1. Sorry, I didn’t mean to post twice… I think Habibti wanted to be sure that her admiration of Lil Bub was known!

  7. Lil BUB is truly amazing and she is so lucky to have such a loving friend as Mike! My kitty and I would love to be lucky enough to get their book!

  8. Oh My Gosh..I would love to scoop her up and hug her!..She is so precious..I would love to read your book Lil Bub!

  9. Mike and Lil Bub looked alike, just like me and my little guy Rocco! We would enjoy it very much if Rocco and I win this Book!

    Amanda & Cat Rocco

  10. WoW! JusT WoW! Lil Bub is soooooooooooooooooo cool! This is another match made in heaven. We luv you guys!
    Luv Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang >^..^<

  11. We think Lil Bub is a most special little girl. Very smart, very cute, and obviously in love with her human on the two way street of their relationship. It’s grand when the stars collide and the PERFECT human adopts the PERFECT animal – it’s kismet!

    Hugs, Pam and Sam

  12. Dearest Bub I wish you were able to come to Italy as I would love to meet you and say thank you to you and your dad for what you’re doing to spread love for animals. a big hug Susita and her four cats

  13. This is so cool! I recently took a quiz somewhere that was to see which internet cat you were most like. My answer was Lil Bub, but I wasn’t quite sure who that was. So I learned a lot about her and I think she’s awesome!

  14. You have nine lives, which confirms what i’ve always thought! you are cat! (and so am I , but more Kat than cat.

    This is an amazing interview and you NYers are so lucky because NYC has everything! (hear the music!)

    Boston is the hub of the universe, so it always says of itself, but NYC is where everything is.

    Must get there in 2013.

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